Bortoli celebrated first anniversary

December 1 Bortoli, that is located in the center of Odessa, celebrated the first year of successful work.

It seemed that just yesterday residents of Odessa and guests of the city gathered on Torgovaya Street, 19 to see the opening of a new stylish mini-hotel. And now, on December the 1st, a year later, together with winter starting, we celebrate the first year of Bortoli. Splashes of champagne, a birthday cake, lottery for guests, sincere emotions and long-awaited meetings — this is how we imagined this day.

No one left without a gift — everyone was waiting for a win-win lottery. Branded souvenirs, discounts on next accommodation — the guests were definitely pleased with this unexpected fart.

Memory is a part of eternity

Over a glass of champagne, we remembered how it all began. The idea of creating a cozy hotel in the center of Odessa, where guests will be met like family members, originated in 2016. The city needed a completely new, soulful and at the same time stylish, conceptual hotel. The team of Ribas Hotels Group and experienced architects of IMLA architects set out to embody this idea with shining eyes.

«We did everything to understand the needs of the guests — we spent the night in the rooms, stayed in the hotel for hours. After all, this is the only way to understand what we should improve in hotel to make guests feel at home», — the manager of the Bortoli hotel shares with us the history of the hotel.

The corridors of the hotel with a red thread (or rather green) lead to the gardens of Marseille. Bright yellow-green colors and live plants give the feeling of summer, which lasts 365 days a year. But even more exciting magic happens in the rooms: after a busy day, you lie down on the bed and imagine that you are under the branches of a large poplar tree. Night stars can be seen through the leaves — as bright as the lights on the ceiling of the Bortoli rooms.

Winter meeting at the poplar

Like the legendary park of Marseille, the Bortoli hotel has a fascinating history. A bicentennial poplar grows on the hotel’s terrace. According to legend, the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin planted it near his beloved’s house. Other witnesses say that they saw him climbing up the branches — he really wanted to see the beautiful Amalia Riznich. No one knows for sure what happened here in the 1820, but the atmosphere of this place definitely brings romance and inspiration.

It is pleasant to recall the «Literary Evening at the Poplar» that we hold this summer. On August 3, connoisseurs of modern art gathered on the terrace of Bortoli. 3 young and ambitious Odessa poetess, wine tasting and talks — the memories of the summer creative evening warm the soul.

What comes from the heart should lead to success

We all love to sum up and analyze the path we have gone this year. In truth, we are very pleased with the results of our work. We want to share with you our achievements:

  • Rated 9.2 out of 10 on
  • 222 positive reviews on

Bortoli definitely attracted everyone who was lucky to be here. During check-out the guests thank for the pleasant atmosphere, staff responsiveness, silence, warmth and comfort. Is this not the best gift?

Sure, Bortoli has a great future. In the meantime, we hope to win at the International Competition International Hospitality Awards in the category Best Design Hotel and Opening of the year.

Come to Torgovaya, 19 to warm up with a cup of coffee. Become part of the story with Bortoli.

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