Cheap and cheerful: we go to Odessa for weekend

The opinion that you shouldn't go to Odessa without money is a mistake. You can relax here absolutely on any budget. We will try to find more affordable options for everything — the type of travel, accommodation, entertainment, cafes and restaurants. Do you want to relax like a king, visit the most popular restaurants, learn all about Odessa nightlife? You`re welcome! Do you want to just walk around the most authentic city in the southern region, find out how the locals live and visit places where ordinary tourists don't go? Let's arrange it now!


So, let's imagine that we are going to Odessa and we do not have a very large budget. We warn you right away? you can save on everything, the only question is how much you are willing to sacrifice your comfort. Let's start from the very beginning — the road to the city.

The most disingenuous travelers choose hitchhike — it's free, it's chatting with new people and it's adrenaline. BUT! you never know with whom you will go, a good man your driver or not. The easiest way to get is from Kiev to Odessa. The route is direct, you won’t be lost. But if you go from another city, it would be better to know the tracks and points where it will be easiest to catch a car.

We are not against this method, but still prefer train. Because there’s nothing to compare with a train ride — the sound of wheels, the top shelf and the smell that you will not find anywhere else. No, we are not talking about sandwiches. (Yes, we are talking about sandwiches). The cost of a ticket to the reserved seat, from the same Kiev is 180 UAH. You can, of course, go in a stateroom or in general on a «reactive» Intercity. But this is not at all. We choose a long road and emotions from childhood. Total: fare there/back is about 400-500 UAH per person.

Have arrived

Couchsurfing is the best friend of the hitchhiking. This is again an opportunity to find friends and get new emotions. There is even a special service where it is possible to choose «housing» according to your interests. This is the choice of all the same inveterate travelers (not tourists) who regularly travel from city to city and from country to country.

We go to Odessa for the weekend and choose a hostel. There are more than 20 of them in the city — some is in the center, others — closer to the railway station. There are hostels where you pay only for the night, but there are more attractive ones. A great option is Friday Hostel. The cost is from 300 UAH per person in the summer and from 200 UAH in the winter. Rooms are 2-, 4-, 6-, 7-, 8- and 10-bed. If you travel with company, then a 4-bed is an ideal room. Here you have a cinema, and tables, and a kitchen, and an area for playing PS, and much more. Total: accommodation for 2 nights — from 400 to 600 UAH depending on the time of year.

We move around the city

Okay, we’ve arrived and we’re going for a walk. Odessa is not so big to bother about the movement. It’s better to explore it on foot, but when it’s very lazy, you can ride. Ideal option - by tram or trolley. The fare is only 5 UAH, but how many emotions. You drive slowly, as if you are continuing walk, and grannies are sitting nearby, who need somewhere at any time of the day or night. Tip of the day — it’s better to stand up, if you are, of course, not shameless and are not afraid of meaningful looks in your direction. In Odessa we only travel by tram and trolleybus, which is what we advise you to do. Minibuses is boring. You will not feel the atmosphere of the city otherwise.

Another advantage of this transport is that the Odessa developers made the Public Transport application, in which you can see the route of the transport, how many trams and trolleybuses are currently on the line and, most importantly, where they are now. You can download it on the App Store and Google Play. Total: the cost of moving around the city is 50-70 UAH (if you sometimes use minibuses to increase speed).

Where we are going

In Odessa, we will definitely go to Moldavanka, and especially to the Starokonny market for vinyl records — tram number 5 goes there. What else can you buy here? Anything: old postcards, medals, and even doggie.

«Starokonka» is must visit for everyone who came to Odessa, but you can still go to the «Green Theater», which is located in the most famous park of Odessa — Shevchenko Park, the fastest way to get there is from the Marazlievskaya street (by the way, tram number 28 runs to the park). It worked in period of USSR and for several years began to work again. Here you have a food court and events. And if the food here is a little expensive, then lectures and evening film screenings are often held for free or Free donation (it means the price is at the discretion of the visitor).

But we also want to relax culturally — we go to the Teahouse Theater. In general, he was no longer at the Tea Factory, but this did not cease to be less popular. Now it is located at st. Marazlievskaya, 34A. Tickets for the play - from 50 UAH, several actors usually participate in the performance. The viewing experience is very unusual. And after that you can discuss the performance with the artists - the theater offers coffee and tea with cookies. (Cheap and cheerful).

And do not forget about the business card of Odessa — Black Sea. It is beautiful at any time of the year. Although, probably, everyone knows. This is the main reason why South Palmyra is so loved. Therefore, a summer vacation here is so expensive.

Total: up to 200-300 UAH can be spent on a cultural program in two days.

Let's go eat

«Maestro Falafel» on Preobrazhenskaya/Troitskaya st. is must be visit as the Starokonny market. This is a small booth with a green sign on the corner of the street, not noticeable by anything except a large line at any time of the day. Falafel is praised by the inhabitants of Odessa, and praised by people who have come from abroad. Why is everyone so fond of him? Because it is tasty and juicy. What's the secret? We think in sauce. Shawarma and hot dogs here are also delicious, but we came here just for Falafel! It is good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Price — 50 UAH. Hummus and falafel are for sale too. Sin does not take with you (this is another 50-100 UAH).

In the evening we go to the «Gambrinus» bar. One of the most ancient institutions, exists since 1883, and is located on Deribasovskaya street. In general, the prices here are average, but the menu is «purely» Odessa`s and to try these dishes is a must have for everyone. And, of course, branded beer. By the way, it’s perfect for «Tsatsa Fish». Dinner will cost about 200 UAH. The evening here is doubly pleasant for Odessa songs, which, by the way, are sung by the most Odessa`s musicians. Total: meals in one day can cost 400 UAH. For 2 days, it turns out about 700-800 UAH. What do you want? A tasty meal in Odessa is always worth the money.

To summarize

And so, our trip to Odessa cost about 2000 UAH (± 200), along with transit. But it could be out cheaper. As you can see, weekends in Odessa can be inexpensive, but no less enjoyable. And the rest is not quite tourist, but how atmospheric and saturated.

How to relax expensive, we will tell a little later. But sometimes you don’t really want to spend a lot of money. I just want to break into another city for the weekend and recharge with new emotions. And sometimes the budget can be limited. I hope we showed you that Odessa, in fact, is not so expensive. So buy train tickets, book a room and come soon!

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