Low cost flights in Ukrainian

The representatives of the airlines tell us: ‘If you didn’t have enough money for a flight in business class, stop being upset, and go get cheap tickets!’ And we really like to believe them, because why not? They provide us with low cost flights to the most popular cities in the world from Kiev. Seems like they have nothing to hide. But, let's work it out.

What ‘low cost’ actually means?

Low cost means cheap. Some sensitive and responsive air carriers ready to offer their passengers incredibly cheap flights, but with some point, that they refuse traditional services (baggage transportation, meals, etc.). The only thing you pay for — is a flight to your destination.

Sometimes airline representatives hold sales during which you can buy the ticket from Kyiv to Barcelona just for… 35 euros. But the amount of cheap tickets, frankly, is so small, that you can try your best, but there is almost no chance. And, well, the rest of the tickets will more than pay off this attraction of unprecedented generosity: 10 tickets for 35 euros and other 90 for 350. A good deal!

Why else low cost flight is cheap?

All the planes are new in a row because here works the only rule: the new one is better than old one. This is certainly good for passenger safety, but not in case of comfort. When designing them, space-saving in the cabin is taken into account, the seats are located as close as possible to each other. Sometimes the distance, for example, between the back of one chair and the back of the next one is about 75 centimeters. For comparison, in American Airlines, the distance between the backs reaches 90 centimeters or more.

An airport, where the plane will land, also affects the cost. The closer to the city center it is located — the higher the airport tax, which means it will affect the cost of the ticket. Budget-funded agencies will select the airport far away (cheaper) from the city, and the passenger will have to get to the center for an hour and a half by train.

Representatives save money also at the meeting of passengers at the ramp: the bus won’t be waiting, and jet bridge won’t help to disembark without going outside. And yes, when disembarking from an airplane, you had to leave faster, since the speed of loading new passengers also affects turnover: the more flights a day makes transport, the more money it will earn.

Companies are saving on staff not because they are greedy, but because check-in at the airport is rather expensive. Agree, you would prefer to do everything yourself online, saving in some cases 50 euros. This means that there is no need for a rack with the registration staff.

How not to overpay for low cost flight?

In order not to fall for additional costs, always you should look where you are buying your ticket. Best of all, of course, on the official website of the low-cost representative. In Ukraine, it is Ryanair, for example.

Remember: check-in at the airport is paid (from 30 euros to 50), so be sure to register on the airline's website. Representatives usually remind about this in a day or two by an email. The same applies to food: order and pay for food in advance, on the plane you will pay twice as much.

Review rules related to the transportation of baggage carefully. There are always some underwater rocks that no one suspects, and then you have to overpay, for example, for transportation a bag of more than 75 centimeters in size.

Find out exactly where the low-cost is landing. As we already wrote, sometimes the road from the airport to the destination costs more than you have already saved on a ticket.

The bottom line: is it good to fly on low-cost airlines?

Low-cost airlines are a super-economical option for a budget flight, if you take minimal amount of things, or you’re not lucky to get back with a ton of chocolate, or you don’t have enough time to get hungry during the flight... or you don’t care who will be sitting next to you on the airplane.

! Each surcharge makes the cost of a ticket on a low-cost plane equal to a traditional airline ticket.

Have a nice vacation!

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