On May 17, 2022, the Ukrainian national hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group and the KVORUM development company, in partnership with AVR Development, signed a Memorandum on the implementation of partnership economic activities on the system and standardization of the hotel business and management of the construction site WOL.33 by Ribas at the address: st. Lviv, Shchyretskaya street, 33.

The development company "QUORUM" together with AVR Development in this project should:

Ribas Hotels Group undertakes the following obligations in WOL.33 by Ribas apartments:

Aparthotel WOL.33 by Ribas, with a total area of 4635 m2, includes apartments, commercial premises, as well as a restaurant. Work on the project began in 2021. Its opening is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

“WOL.33 by Ribas is a profitable housing project. This is a profitable investment that allows the investor to earn by renting out apartments to the hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group,” said Artur Lupashko, founder of the Ribas Hotels hotel chain.

Apart-hotels of the WOL Home + Hotel brand allow guests to stay in apartments with hotel service without overpaying for extra services. Thus, all rooms have the necessary amount of furniture and household appliances for a comfortable stay.

The target audience of WOL are young, dynamic representatives of the creative industries, as well as those, who work remotely.

The apart-hotel will be located near the international airport "Lviv" named after Daniil Galitsky and should qualitatively complement the infrastructure of the area. The seven-story building is oriented towards the runway, so most of the apartments will offer breathtaking views of the airway.

The facades of the apart-hotel will support the already established eco-direction of architectural solutions in the area. The main focus will be the trees on the balconies of the apartments.

Part of the apart-hotel site is a public space with benches and landscaping and will combine the building with pedestrian links with Shchyretska Street. For residents of the apartments there is a private area with a playground and a summer terrace.

The aparthotel's lobby occupies part of the ground floor of the building. The other part, oriented to Shchiretskaya Street, has a commercial purpose (trade, offices).

On the -1st floor of the aparthotel, visitors will be offered a modern dining area: for breakfast there is a cafe with 50 seats with an area of 170 m2 with a buffet breakfast, at lunchtime this space can be transformed into a co-working space or halls for business meetings, conferences; in the evening - in the pub.

The interior of the apart-hotel is a logical continuation of the concept of architecture and the general mood of the space. Eco-direction, minimalism and the manifestation of Ukrainian identity in detail.

The lobby of the apart-hotel will be made in discreet natural materials. The use of texture, smoothly flowing from the stone facade into the interior; brass as the main accent material; decorative plaster on the walls, which imitates a mud hut and color accents. The furniture of Ukrainian designers, as well as cereal plants that support the theme of folk identity, will successfully complement the space.

Separate attention should be paid to the approach to adapting space to the needs of people with limited mobility. In addition to the more familiar, tactile indicators, a decrease in the levels of the reception area is provided for comfortable communication and self-registration; there is also duplication of infographics in Braille.

“Analysing the architecture, we decided to design a home in a modern style with a slight hint of the 60s. Light shades, accent colors and, last but not least, natural materials. Here we are talking about comfort, lightness and coziness,” said Evgenia Petrich, lead architect at AVR Development, who is working on the architectural concept of the project.

Another very important function of the apartments is the variability of color accents in the interior. So, future members can choose which color of the kitchen and bathroom they would like to see in their apartments.

The complex management and exclusive booking of the hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group includes 26 properties. Six of them were designed and built by the company. There are more than 1000 rooms.

The construction company "QUORUM" has been operating in the Lviv market for more than 11 years. It has completed three real estate projects. The company is currently building four more buildings.

AVR Development is an architectural and engineering company. Over 6 years, it has implemented more than 50 objects.

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