Friday Hostel Franchise


Why franchise by Friday is what you need

The hostel format inspires confidence and loyalty of guests

Good reputation: Friday hostel is known not only in Ukraine but also abroad

A reliable way to start a profitable business quickly

We train staff at the project startup and during its work

We have ready-made business standards

We provide ongoing support of a personal curator

Unique format

Hostel meets all the requirements of modern tourists - from room filling to the special atmosphere of this place

The spacious lounge-zone with a PlayStation and a large screen for watching movies

Stylish and functional design with many insta-locations

Equipped kitchen

The hostel is designed and equipped according to the international standards of the European Hostel Federation network

Hostel by Friday Franchise and independent hostel startup


  • Ready exclusive design project
  • Corporate style, so loved by the guests
  • Elaborated work standards for staff and hostel in general
  • Ready financial work plan of the hostel that brings maximum profit
  • Personal experienced curator and startup team. We will help at any stage of your hostel development
  • Corporate discounts from reliable suppliers (saving up to 20%)
  • Software for the hostel
  • The quality control department
  • The impeccable organization of work and the protection against inspections
  • The opening of the hostel in just 5 months

Independent hostel startup

  • Development of a design project - from $ 2 500
  • Corporate identity and brand book creation - from $ 1,700
  • The year of work or 8 760 hours spent
  • $ 1,000 or 92 hours of work to create a financial hostel work plan
  • Long-time search for an experienced team. Incorrectly selected staff can ruin the hostel’s reputation
  • Overpayment on procurement materials. The search for reliable suppliers
  • The long and difficult process of finding a suitable program
  • $ 270 is the monthly spending on wages and the organization of the system
  • The risk of fines that are measured in thousands of $
  • Independent hostel startup for 7-10 months

Hostel Friday in numbers

from $ 70,000
up to $ 120,000

Investment required

$7 500

Entry fee

4% of monthly


What is includedin the entrance fee?

  • Drawing up a design project under the customer's / client's premises
  • Adaptation of corporate identity
  • Basic staff training
  • Consulting support
  • Personal manager
  • Network performance standards
  • The financial model for city-franchisees
  • Franchise package
  • Legal network processing
  • CRM

What is included in the royalty?

  • Using the personal brand Friday
  • Placing on the corporate website
  • Personal manager. Consultations on operational issues and crisis situations
  • Proven software to run the hostel
  • The work of the quality control department:
    • regular analysis of reviews on the Internet
    • quality control of the services provided, the organization of secret guests checks
    • annual franchisee conventions for training

Additionally we provide:

Marketing services. We have a set of proven and effective tools to promote a hostel

Booking services. Our experts know how to convince guests to book a room from the first call

Search and selection of premises (purchase or rent)

Operational management from A to Z

Additional services are provided by Ribas Hotels Group - the management company of hotel-restaurant complexes. The company manages more than 25 hotels, hostels and sanatoriums throughout Ukraine

We designed and successfully manage with:

Stages of work from handshake to opening

The desire to open a hostel on Friday franchise

Getting to know us

Selection of the location

Signing a contract of intent and confidentiality

Calculation of the financial model

Decision making about the project startup

Signing a partnership agreement

Design and construction of a hostel for your premises

Contact the development department

Contact us!