Play Hotel by Ribas

A hotel associated with a carefree life full of fun and games.

The design is made in pop art style - bright, fresh, simple and attractive. Pop art is the perfect implementation of a playful name, a colorful and at the same time simple interior.

Opened: October 13, 2020

Stages: preparation for launch, marketing, development of a creative concept, operational and strategic management

Address: Kherson, Forshtadtskaya street 17

Average annual load, % (OOS): 54

Average tariff, UAH (ADR): 750

Planned return on investment in the project, %: 11

The "PLAY Hotel Franchise" is available - a special offer for the gambling business.

The terms and conditions of the Ribas Hotels Group franchise consist of a lump-sum fee and royalties. Hotel management is discussed further. The lump-sum fee provides for support at all stages of the project implementation - from concept to hotel launch. Royalties include the use of the PLAY hotel brand, high hotel occupancy rates, marketing and PR activities, and operational consulting.

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