We have invested a part of our soul, knowledge and experience in this project. We worked on the project and its implementation for more than a year.

The building where the hotel is located is old. There used to be a dry cleaning service. Reconstruction was impossible.

We turned small spaces into fabulous bright rooms, using a lot of wood in the interior. Areas where it was impossible to place rooms, we turned into useful and pleasant locations - coworking and outdoor terrace.

We have created the perfect hotel for our audience.

The language of numbers

During the first year of operation, the hotel was visited by more than 1,900 guests, who rated it on Booking at average of 9.2 out of 10 (where the rating for staff is 9.4, and for cleanliness-9.5). Isn't this the biggest reward for our work?

The hotel's results for all key indicators exceeded the plan by an average of 16%.

And since the first month of operation (December 2017), the hotel has average occupancy at 47%.

Bortoli participates in two categories in the International hotel competition International Hospitality Awards, and we expect to win in the categories "Best hotel design" and "Opening of the year".

We are proud to be creators of such an outstanding project.

Today we are working on three new projects in three different regions of the country. And all of them will be bright, stylish and thought out to the smallest detail.