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Hotel construction and ensuring its payback

Hotel creation is a laborious process that requires knowledge of hotel business management. For the successful organization of the construction of the hotel, development of the architectural concept and business plan of the project, you should deal with the professionals.
Ribas Hotel Group experts will help you build an exclusive profitable hotel!

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Types of projects being implemented

We work on every project in a comprehensive manner. We create hotel property, and carry out both reconstruction or construction. We develop three and four star hotels, resort, beach, ski hotels, and also apart-hotels.

City hotels

City hotels

Resort hotels

Resort hotels

Investment projects

Investment projects

Construction stages

The estimate

The estimate for the construction of the hotel is a document on the basis of which a plan and schedule of work is drawn up. A correctly made estimate will allow you:

  • To control the timing. The estimate documents the deadline for each stage of construction.
  • To predict costs. The estimate includes the cost of the land plot, building materials, contractors' work, transportation costs and much more.
  • To plan the process. When drawing up an estimate, the most optimal procedure for carrying out construction work is calculated.
Construction audit

The owner of the facility does not need to independently establish and monitor processes, organize work, and be responsible for mistakes. We will help in organizing the construction site, arrange the supply of construction, monitor the progress of installation and finishing works, and draw up as-built documentation.

In order to optimize the construction process, avoid force majeure and reduce costs, we engage licensed experts to audit construction activities. Specialists will assess the feasibility of costs and technical solutions, check the design and technical documentation.

This helps prevent builders from making mistakes, adhere to agreed deadlines and guarantee a high-quality construction.

Project Construction Author's supervision Technical supervision Search for co-investors Control

As a result of cooperation with Ribas Hotels Group, you get:

  • Assistance in organizing a construction site;
  • Ensuring the construction supplies;;
  • Control of installation work;
  • Drawing up as-built documentation;
  • Monitoring of finishing works.

Why Choose Ribas Hotels Group



When building a hotel from scratch, we guarantee a return on investment with further comprehensive management.



When launching a hotel, we provide the owner with an effective business plan.



In the hotels built by the Ribas Hotels Group, every square meter makes a profit.



The hotels we build pay off twice as fast.

Our brands

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  • Mandra glamping chain

Ribas Duke Boutique Hotel

Ribas Karpaty

Radisson City Centre Odesa

WOL.121 by Ribas

Graal resort

DIDUKH Eco-Hotel & SPA

Tree House Relax Park

Ribas Rooms Odesa

WOL.07 by Ribas

Ribas Rooms Bila Tserkva

Ribas Rooms Lutsk

Helios by Ribas

Lucky Residence by Ribas

Richard by Ribas

Hotel Bortoli by Ribas

Play Hotel by Ribas


The Five Hotel

Agate Resort & SPA

Ama Family Resort

WOL.311 by Ribas | Smart Hill


Smart Well

LEV Resort Hotel

Anta Residence Canggu

Big Waves Berawa

Just Residence

Moon Rock Villas


WOL.Green Polyana

WOL Vinnitsa


Karma Residence

Malahit Resort & SPA


Mandra Morion

FOMO by One touch hotels

Saba Tower

Ribas 1895 Frankivsk

Ribas Lviv

WOL Lviv

Bacara by Ribas


Ribas Hotel Larnaca

Ribas Hotel Yerevan


WOL.Green Polyanytsya

Ribas Rooms Latorica

Ribas Kids

Montana Beach Club by Ribas

Mandra Hills


MANDRA Сhateau Trubetskoy


MANDRA Lavandiia

Mandra Dzen

Pause Village & SPA

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to start building?

We recommend carrying out the main part of the construction process in late spring and early autumn: lay the foundation pit and the foundation, and pull the volume of the building in height.

In the winter season, it is more advisable to rebuild the future hotel inside, and with the onset of the warm season, to begin the external decoration.

Following our approach, you get a complete object on time without downtime, without wasting extra money and time.

Which is better – to build a hotel from scratch or restructure an old building?

When building from scratch, you can achieve significantly higher quality and reliability of the building and its internal systems. During the construction, you will not need to deal with the correction of other people's mistakes that were made during the construction phase, as during the reconstruction.

When constructing a new building, it is more realistic to create it correctly, in accordance with all applicable building codes and regulations, than during reconstruction.

How to calculate the construction cost?

At the initial stage, the cost calculation is based on the area of the hotel and its functionality. As the work plan is drawn up, the budget is detailed – the cost of building materials and components, the amount of work are specified. It is imperative that when planning the budget, the general concept of the project is taken into account – if it is an eco-hotel, then the most natural materials are selected. If it is necessary to emphasize the status, we use expensive materials, exclusive design solutions.

Why is it profitable to invest in hotel construction?

Investing in a hotel business has many benefits:

  • Safe investment. Investments will pay off within 7-15 years.
  • Capitalization growth. A successful hotel grows in value as a real estate object.
  • Image. The owners of the hotel and restaurant sometimes use their hotel as a place for business meetings.

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