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Business plan and concept

A professionally drawn up business plan is a guarantee of a profitable self-supporting hotel. Our experts will conduct research and help you create a business plan to start your business.

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Иконка волны

How to open a hotel from scratch

The construction or reconstruction of the hotel should begin with the development of a business plan and concept. These are two crucial documents that will help to avoid many problems in future, evaluate the effectiveness of the project and ensure its payback.

Иконка волны

Components of the hotel business plan:

  • market analysis;
  • creating an object concept;
  • architectural sketch;
  • calculation of investment volume;
  • financial model;
  • staff;
  • marketing.

Results of cooperation with Ribas Hotels Group:

Market Analysis


Before opening a hotel, it is necessary to investigate the market to which the hotel will enter, according to such points – price, competition, supply and demand, seasonal fluctuations, the level of state regulation, prospects for the development of accommodation services.
It is especially important to study the competition in detail in order to understand how many hotel facilitie's are nearby, for which guests they are designed, what kind of concept they have, etc.

Creating an object concept


Among tourists, the most popular formats of hospitality are:

  • traditional hotels for couples and corporate guests;
  • apart-hotels are comfortable rooms with a kitchen unit and a private bathroom, something in between an apartment and a standard hotel room.
  • hotel complexes for families with children or large companies;
  • capsule hotels – budget hotels with high-quality repairs;
  • motels are budget facilities located next to a road or a large gas station.

Architectural sketch


The architectural sketch of the hotel describes in detail the layout of the facilitys areas – the number of rooms, transit zones, technical rooms, elevators and stairs for staff and guests. If the building has already been erected, the necessary alterations are discussed and included in the business plan of the hotel.
Depending on the concept of the object and its territorial location, it may be necessary to add some additional functional units. For example, coworking, restaurants or banquet halls.
An architectural sketch should be ordered from a bureau or companies with extensive experience in designing HoReCa objects. This is due to the fact that the hospitality facility operates according to completely different principles and standards than any other real estate.

Calculation of investment volume


The amount of investment for a single project is calculated at the stage of creating a general estimate. Many factors related to the object are taken into account – location, proximity to resorts or business centers, passenger traffic, competitive market share and much more.

Financial model


The financial model includes:

  • purchase of a plot;
  • construction;
  • landscaping of the territory;
  • equipment of the room fund;
  • restaurant equipment (if any);
  • the first tranche for initial work.
Construction is the most capacious item of expenditure. In second place is the purchase of a plot.



Depending on the format of the hospitality facility, it is necessary to hire staff. According to the recommendation of the World Tourism Organization, the number of employees varies according to this scheme:

  • minimum staff – 4 people;
  • 3* hotel – from 8 employees;
  • 4* hotel – from 12 employees;
  • 5* hotel – from 20 employees.



Work on the promotion of the future facility must begin six months before its actual launch. The following items should be included in the Marketing and Promotion section of the business plan:

  • creating a corporate identity and key brand attributes;
  • website;
  • advertising on outdoor media and online booking sites;
  • cooperation with tour operators;
  • discounts and promotions.

As a result of cooperation with Ribas Hotels Group, you own an object that:

  • Has a payback of 10% per annum.
  • Organically fits into the environment, forming a single architectural ensemble with other buildings.
  • It has a functional layout that provides a comfortable entrance, convenience in the work of the staff.
  • Meets the current sanitary, environmental, technical and aesthetic standards.
  • Thanks to the planning and architectural solutions, it guarantees an ideal ratio of operating costs and profit.
  • Supported by a professional marketing strategy of the market.
  • Has the necessary infrastructure for the selected target audience.

Why choose Ribas Hotels Group



We have over 6 years of experience in hotel design and management and this experience works for you.



We develop a high-precision business plan, which makes it possible to guarantee the loading and profitability of the hotel.



We help to implement business processes and provide marketing support



We are responsible for the quality of the project, compliance with its business plan and meeting deadlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to evaluate the quality of the chosen concept?
Experts can determine the quality of the concept at the stage of its formation. Ribas Hotels Group specialists, already looking at the plan, will be able to say with accuracy what mistakes were made and what consequences they may entail.
The first results of the concept can be discussed at least six months after the opening of the hotel by analyzing the main performance indicators – occupancy and average check.
Why develop a business plan and a hotel concept?
It is the business plan and the concept that determine the future success of the project, being almost the only way to get an idea of the projected object in advance and evaluate it. The concept lays the foundation for the future commercial success of the project, allows you to plan the maximum attractiveness of the object for the consumer, ensures the competitiveness of the object, ensures the payback of the project in a given time.
What experience do you have in developing a business plan and concept?
Our portfolio includes more than 15 projects of hotel and restaurant complexes in Ukraine and Poland, 6 of them have been implemented and 2 are under construction.
What are the requirements for the location of the future hotel?
The place should be located close to airports, railway and bus stations, have a convenient transport interchange and the necessary infrastructure – cafes, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers.
The best option for a hotel is a free–standing facility, with the possibility of creating a parking lot and landscaping.

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