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Hotel consulting
by Ribas

Hotel business consulting will provide effective tools to increase the profitability of your project at all stages of its development — from idea to launch and its subsequent operation.

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Audit of HoReCa
facility operation

An audit of operating hotels allows us to identify mistakes made in their operation and management. We will draw up a clear plan for making changes that will improve financial performance and reduce expenses without stopping the facility operation.

  • SWOT analysis of the hotel
  • Audit of architectural and planning solutions
  • Studying the target audience
  • Marketing strategy assessment
  • Evaluation of the object concept
  • Analysis of the complex infrastructure
  • Personnel work audit

Remote hotel

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the hotel, from assessing staff performance to statistics of website visits, and provide expert recommendations that will allow you to manage the property more effectively and increase its profitability.

  • Improved operational efficiency for remote management and control
  • Customer experience measurement: a hotel mystery guest collects information on service quality and effective functioning of booking services
  • Hotel website analysis: assessing the quality of content and convenience of use, ranking in search engines. We give recommendations to increase conversion
  • Optimizing hotel business processes to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase competitiveness

Customer stories
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Frequently asked questions
about hotel consulting

How to improve hotel management?

HoReCa consulting involves not only searching for weaknesses in the hotel operation, but also eliminating them. Automation will help solve many problems — the introduction of hotel management automation systems, energy management systems, data analytics and regular staff training.

How to manage changes in a hotel associated with the introduction of new strategies, systems and processes?

Change management requires careful planning, effective communication, staff involvement and ongoing monitoring. With a careful and structured approach, you can successfully implement new strategies, systems and processes in your hotel and achieve your goals.

How to optimize operational processes in a hotel?

Optimizing a hotel requires a systematic approach and taking into account many aspects of the operation. We recommend starting with the use of modern technologies to automate most processes. This could be a hotel management system, a reservation system, an access control system and many other tools that can not only simplify the current tasks fulfillment, but also prevent mistakes.

How can the hotel achieve financial growth?

Profit growth is influenced by many factors and they can differ radically for each hotel. Most often, improving financial performance is achieved through the use of new sales channels, customer retention, detailed analysis of current expenses, and constant analytics of the performance of all departments.

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