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Integrated hotel promotion - 40% increase in sales

We will help to increase any hotel occupancy and sales of services. This will allow you to concentrate on quality service and get loyal guests.

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Иконка волны

Marketing promotion of the hotel ensures high occupancy and stable income of the hotel, regardless of seasonality, competitors, location and other factors, and helps to make the hotel recognizable among the target audience.

Иконка волны

The results of cooperation:

Promotion of the hotel

Without promotion the owner loses 30-50% of sales. Both the level of brand recognition and the possibility of the customer base expanding suffer. Therefore, the list of our services includes:

  • Segmentation of the target audience
  • Development of the object’s site, in accordance with the positioning and the set of services.
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Corporate sales and booking department

The main task of the department is the organization of sales and centralized booking of hotel rooms. The 40% increase of the hotel occupancy is achieved due to:

  • Own base of corporate clients
  • Registration in such tourist reservation systems and catalogs as,,, and others
  • Work of reservation department managers with author's algorithms from the corporate “sales book of Ribas Hotels Group”
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A professional hotel business management system allows you to automate many processes of a hospitality facility and make them more transparent, efficient and controllable:

  • Optimization of booking, check-in and check-out processes.
  • Accounting for advance payments for booking, settlement of guests and invoicing.
  • Analysis of the current and projected load of the hotel.
  • An effective loyalty system that allows you to segment customers according to the history of interaction with the company.
  • Management of internal resources of the hotel.
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Why you should contact the management company:

  • Centralized booking department increases the calls conversion. Respectively, the hotel occupancy increases by 25-30%, the cost increases by 10-15% and the gross income - by 10-40%
  • The corporate sales department allows you to conclude exclusive contracts with large international and national companies. More than 100 tour operators is a guarantee of hotel occupancy increase regardless of the season. A full range of marketing, advertising and public relations will reduce advertising costs and increase hotel profitability. A full range of marketing, advertising and public relations will reduce advertising costs and increase hotel profitability
  • The quality control and reputation department of the hotel allows to form a loyal guest audience
  • Legal issues assistance


What is included in the management of the reputation of a hotel facility?
The reputation management service of a hotel facility includes working with points of contact with the hotel, processing reviews on online platforms, tracking mentions in the network, and PR events aimed at increasing awareness.
When choosing a hotel, 53% of guests are guided by reviews left by previous guests. By ignoring the work with reviews, the company suffers big reputational losses and loses profit.
What methods do you use to attract customers to the hotel?
How to attract customers to a hotel depends on the location, target audience, business model, marketing budget and many other factors.
The most common are the creation of an official website integrated with the hotel software, partnership with aggregators (TripAdvisor,, etc.), digital marketing, PR events, development of a loyalty system, bonuses and special offers, work on improving the quality of provided services.
How do you plan to increase the profitability of the hotel?
The profitability of the hotel business will grow in proportion to the growth in the flow of customers. Hotel marketing will help make the hospitality facility's occupancy high and stable, regardless of seasonality and other factors.
We have our own sales and marketing department in the hotel, is it necessary to contact your specialists?
The function of the marketing department and the sales department is to increase the occupancy of the hotel.
If you have your own staff, we will analyze the work of the department to identify weaknesses and strengths, conduct training events and trainings, share our own best practices in order to increase the flow of customers

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