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Design definition

Hotel design is a complex of works aimed at working out the business and architectural components of the hotel. The profitability of the hotel directly depends on how well the project will be drawn up.

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At the hotel design stage, a master plan for the construction site, and a volumetric planning solution are created. Entrust the hotel design to Ribas Hotels Group specialists – we create not just a hotel business, but an efficient one.

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Hotel design stages

  • Concept and business planning
  • Project team selection
  • Terms of reference
  • Architectural Engineering

The results of cooperation:

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Concept and business planning


Concept is a strategic document that describes the unique advantage of the hotel, its development vector. With its help, it is possible to formulate strategic and tactical tasks to be performed at the next stages.
The business plan is a short version of the concept and financial model of the project. It can be provided to the investor for the presentation of the future object.

Project team selection


To implement the ideas fixed in the concept, a team of specialists who understand the specifics of the business is involved in the project. They are technologists, designers, and architects.
The project team controls the implementation of the project and bears full responsibility for it.

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The terms of reference


This is the second most important document in hotel design. With the help of the terms of reference, the ideas described in the concept materialize, building materials are concretized, planning and other important details are discussed.
The terms of reference help to control the progress of the hotel construction and make it exactly as the investor intended.

Architectural Engineering


At this stage, the external appearance of the building is developed, the environment is formed, and the functional purpose of all premises is thought out. This stage provides for the creation of a planning project and a master plan of the territory, the development of architecture and exterior, planning solutions, design and working documentation for construction is being prepared.

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As a result of cooperation with Ribas Hotels Group, you get:

  • Profitable business with guaranteed payback
  • The most accurate and efficient project
  • Comprehensive approach to problem solving
  • High-quality project implementation
  • Hotel Management Consulting

Why Choose Ribas Hotels Group



We create modern projects that do not lose popularity over the entire payback period of the hotel.



Objects built according to the Ribas Hotels Group projects pay off 2 times faster.



The company's portfolio includes 26 objects, 6 of which we independently designed and built.



Our rich experience, talented and dynamic team will help to create not just a hotel, but a successful highly profitable business.

Our brands

  • All hotels
  • Hotel chain
  • Apartments and cottages
  • Projects and concepts
  • Mandra glamping chain

Ribas Duke Boutique Hotel

Ribas Karpaty

Radisson City Centre Odesa

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Graal resort by Ribas

DIDUKH Eco-Hotel & SPA

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Ribas Rooms Bila Tserkva

Ribas Rooms Lutsk

Helios by Ribas

Lucky Residence by Ribas

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Hotel Bortoli by Ribas

Play Hotel by Ribas


Agate Resort & SPA

Ama Family Resort

WOL.311 by Ribas | Smart Hill


Smart Well

LEV Resort Hotel

Anta Residence Canggu

Moon Rock Villas

Big Waves Berawa

Just Residence

Logos Home Apartment

WOL.Green Polyana


WOL Vinnitsa


Malahit Resort & SPA



FOMO by One touch hotels

Saba Tower

Ribas 1895 Frankivsk

Ribas Lviv

WOL Lviv

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Ribas Hotel Larnaca

Ribas Hotel Yerevan


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MANDRA Сhateau Trubetskoy


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Pause Village & SPA

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to contact you to design a hotel?

Any hotel project requires an attentive approach to the development of terms of reference and details. We develop a technical design assignment. It includes determining the number of rooms required, their categories and areas, technical rooms, premises for staff, area and location of infrastructure facilities: lobby, breakfast room, cafe, etc.

The effective use of all areas of the hotel and its successful further work in general depends on the quality of the technical specifications development.

What experience do you have in hotel design?

Our portfolio includes twenty six projects of hotel and restaurant complexes in Ukraine. Six of them have been implemented and five are under construction, one of which is located in Poland.

Do you have in-house architects?

We have four architecture, design and detailed engineering contractor partners. We have our own in-house project managers. We are also ready to involve foreign and Ukrainian contractors for the implementation of projects of any complexity and budget. In all cases, the task manager and supervisor is the management company.

What is the cost of designing a hotel?

There are several types of projects. Business design includes hotel concept, financial model, business plan and selection of a building site or a refurbishment project. The cost of this stage is from 0.2% to 0.5% of the total project amount, but not less than 5000 USD. This is a crucial stage at which all the details are worked out and a return on investment is ensured.

In architectural design, the appearance of the building is developed, the functional purpose of all rooms is developed, the environment is formed, and drawings are created. This includes a planning project, a general plan of the territory, a design project, architecture, exterior, planning solutions, working and planning documentation for construction.

The cost of this stage ranges from 1% to 5% of the total cost of the hotel.

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