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Ribas 1895 Frankivsk

Midscale design hotel in a unique historical building from 1895.

Address Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk, str. Gordynskoho, 10
Opening date 2023
Stages of cooperation creation of the concept, support of the project at the stages of design and implementation, launch of the hotel, operational management.
Total area 1,158.5 m2
Infrastructure restaurant
Average annual occupancy, % (OOS) 48
Average tariff, $ (ADR) 46
Planned return on investment in the project, % 9.6

The concept of the hotel is interesting because in the past this building was a seven-year school named after Queen Sofia, an architectural monument of local importance. Therefore, the emphasis in the hotel is on preserving the atmosphere of that time as much as possible. This is conveyed through the authentic brickwork in the decoration of the facade, as well as interior elements such as the old stove and stonework on the walls of the rooms and in the bathrooms.

Age-old history in the middle of a modern city, which you can literally touch.