The book «more than a service»


A large country complex located between the hills, next to a picturesque lake and forest. Here you can come on vacation with the whole family and try the format that is more to your liking: a hotel room or a separate house.

Address Mostyska, Lviv region
Stages of cooperation concept development, design
Infrastructure lobby, coffee shop, restaurant, types of SPA with a pool on the roof, sauna, grocery minimarket

During the development of the concept, a decision was made to go beyond the design area in order to create a large and interesting circular walking route. The main idea is to inspire guests to interact with the territory of the complex. That is why the complex does not provide for movement by own car. The main transportation is electric golf carts, bicycles, electric scooters, etc.

The whole area is conditionally divided into "loud" and "quiet" zones. The volume is modern and stylish outdoor pools with a bar and parties, it is a hotel with fine restaurants and an atmospheric rooftop. Silence is a forest, a lake, hills and public spaces hidden among the trees.

Somewhere it is an observation deck at the top of the hill, somewhere - a fire pit, and somewhere a terrace for yoga among the trees.

Apart from the concept of the theory of the complex, a new design was developed for the already almost implemented rooms, which was not an easy task, because all the engineering and electricity had already been implemented at the construction site. 

The complex provides:

  • hotel rooms with breakfast area, SPA area, lobby and gym;
  • separate cottages, with an area of 60-70 m2, for 4-6 people, with a terrace and a barbecue area;
  • tree houses;
  • backyard glamping.