The book «more than a service»

WOL.Green Polyanytsya

Ecological apart-hotel in the middle of the resort area in the village. Glade. Possibility to live in apartments for a long time, otrimuyuchi vysokoy rіven servіsu, on tsomu not overpaying for zayvі services.

Address Polyanytsia, Yaremchansky district
Stages of cooperation development of the complex concept, visualization
Infrastructure cafe, sports hall, co-working space, barbecue terrace

WOL.Green is a new concept of a suburban apart-hotel, which combines all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, both for one weekend and for a month.

The hotel is located on a difficult terrain next to a picturesque river, along which types of spas and recreation areas for guests have been designed. Therefore, the architects designed several buildings connected to each other.

The complex consists of two buildings with apartments located at different heights and connected by a bridge.

In the upper - smaller one - there is a small number of rooms, a spa and a fine restaurant, and the lower one - apartments, a restaurant and a ski room.

The main target audience of the hotel is families with children, so the hotel has a 2-level children's room and a large playground with zones for children of all ages.