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Ribas Hotel Yerevan

Stylish hotel with 162 rooms.

Address Yerevan, Armenia
Stages of cooperation concept development, design
Total area 10139 m2
Infrastructure gym, SPA, conference hall, roof-top bar with swimming pool, restaurant-greenhouse, restaurant attached to the hotel, commerce on 1-2 floors
Average annual occupancy, % (OOS) 56
Average tariff, $ (ADR) 142

The concept of Ribas Hotel Yerevan was created with the aim of contributing to the development of modern Armenia. This is a beautiful vacation in the center of history, which is painstakingly preserved. This is a contradiction about Armenia: a mix of modern interior design and vintage things, loud parties in the hotel bar and highly respected traditions, conservatism and the path to European values.

Room fund:

  • Standard - 54 pcs
  • The standard is improved - 10 pcs
  • Junior suite - 4 pcs
  • Suite - 4 pcs


  • Smart - 53 pcs (59%)
  • 1-room - 27 units (29%)
  • 2-room - 10 units (12%)

Area of the room fund: 5778.9 m2
12 floors - hotel
8 floors - apartments


How do we help immerse ourselves in the context of modern Armenia?

  • Digitalization in the service
  • Modern design and vintage interior items
  • "Greenhouse" for morning coffee and business zoom calls
  • Multi-cultural team
  • Cooperation with local producers: textiles, decor, cosmetics, coffee
  • Hints with the translation of Armenian words
  • A workshop-showroom of a local manufacturer
  • Rental of bicycles for the city and sets for hiking in the mountains
  • Urban SPA on -1st floor
  • Democratic rooftop bar
  • Online blog Armenia Controversial