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Bacara by Ribas

Bacara by Ribas is the perfect combination of aesthetics and comfort. This is a hotel with 64 rooms, category 4*, with stylish architecture, interiors and a spectacular SPA. Inside, you'll find comfortable apartments where you'll want to stay longer than just a weekend.

Address Polyanytsia, Yaremchansky district
Stages of cooperation concept development, design
Total area 4150 m2
Infrastructure lobby, coffee shop, restaurant, types of SPA with a pool on the roof, sauna, grocery minimarket
Average annual occupancy, % (OOS) 52
Average tariff, $ (ADR) 61
Planned return on investment in the project, % 28,5
  • Combination of apartments and rooms. Ratio: 60/40%
  • Spectacular SPA.
  • The location is close to the lifts and a view of the mountains.
  • WOW service from Ribas Hotels Group.
  • The architecture of the building is perfectly combined with the mountain landscape.
  • Parking, SPA and other services are included in the price of the room.
  • Good Wi-Fi.
  • Availability of a ski room, nursery, restaurant.

The concept involves the use of natural materials on the facades and interiors of the hotel.

Basic materials:

  • tree;
  • dark metal;
  • natural stone.

The main difference between apartments and standard rooms is the presence of a small kitchen and a larger area. The apartment is about long-term accommodation, so there is a grocery minimarket with coffee and hot dogs on the first floor of the hotel.

The idea of the restaurant is to create a cozy and atmospheric space with elements of Ukrainian culture and identity in the interior.

The main point of attraction of the concept is a kind of SPA, with an outdoor heated pool on the roof. Here you are left alone with the mountains.