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WOL.121 by Ribas

hotel chain WOL home + hotel

Upscale apartment hotel.

In summer - a hotel on the beach. In winter, it is a lifestyle, a residential building with apartments.

Address Ukraine, Odessa, st. Fontanskaya road, 121
Opening date 17.01.2021
Stages of cooperation concept creation, project support at stages design and construction, hotel launch, operational management
Total area 2 670 m2
Infrastructure lobby and coworking, snack bar, fitness room, luggage room, terrace
Average annual occupancy, % (OOS) 88
Average tariff, $ (ADR) 32
Planned return on investment in the project, % 9,2

Each apartment has bed linen, comfortable pillows and blankets, a dryer, a full set of dishes and even a non-stick pan that makes delicious cheesecakes.


  • WOL.121 accepts digital currency for payment - the Whitepay team will provide an opportunity to pay for accommodation with digital assets.
  • A well-designed work area for residents who work remotely.
  • There is also a library with books to inspire and board games for fun with friends.
  • A cozy training area with everything you need.
  • Terrace with a view of the sea and the city itself.

The cost of repairing and completing a smart apartment or smart apartment. Review of the apart-hotel

The quality characteristics of the selected materials and solutions are the main thing that you need...

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