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Gambling business in a hotel

— from question to action

The more popular is a hotel infrastructure the higher is it’s profit received from attracted guests. All elements must be combined and complement each other, creating a cost-effective hotel project.

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Иконка волны

Ribas Hotels Group will help you deal with the requirements for a gambling establishment, increase the investment value of a hotel, calculate the required amount of investment, minimize possible risks, predict payback periods and the amount of profit.

Иконка волны


We help to get hotel categorized for 3 and 4 stars in Ukraine

Hotels and other temporary accommodation facilities must be certified to indicate star rating. It is a required condition to start gambling business.


We develop a concept of 3-star and 4-star hotels with slot machines

As a developer we determine necessary infrastructure and competently draw up a hotel project in accordance with market requirements. Increase of it’s investing value is also provided by our company.


We provide consulting in gambling operator integration into operating hotels

After making a decision to work in gambling business it is important to start cooperation with a reliable operator. And competently introduce this product to hotel concept Also you should take into account target audience, hotel location in a country and in a region and current market situation. Win-win integration will attract tourists and increase hotel profits.

Why choose the Ribas Hotels Group



An experienced and talented team will help to properly integrate the gambling business into an existing hotel or develop a concept for building a new one.



We will help you find a strong national operator with a high chance of obtaining a license.



We will advise you on the entire chain of procedures, from obtaining a license to concluding an agreement with a gaming operator.



The company's portfolio includes 26 facilities, 6 of which we designed and built ourselves.

As a result, you get:

  • Increasing the investment value of the hotel.
  • Growth in customer flow.
  • A stable income of the hotel all year round.
  • Enriching the hotel infrastructure.

Answers to common questions about hotel gambling

Why should I apply specifically to you for the services of a gaming business in a hotel?
We will help with the preparation of the hotel for the placement of slot machines. And this is the reorganization of the required area, obtaining certification. We also use a database of official tenants, major players in the Ukrainian market, who are guaranteed to be ready to enter hotels in all cities of Ukraine, which is a guarantee of a reliable tenant for the hotel owner.
How can I find out if I can open a gambling business in my hotel?
There are basic requirements prescribed in the legislation regarding the area of ​​​​the premises for slot machines in the hotel - from 300 sq.m.; the minimum number of rooms in the hotel (from 25 rooms); distance from kindergartens, schools and colleges from 500 meters; availability of a certificate of conformity - 3, 4 or 5 stars, etc.
If I am a game operator. How can you help me?
We offer assistance in launching hotels under the Play franchise in rented premises, we are ready to organize a turnkey hotel (for the gaming business) with its further operation and help with the question of how to promote gambling in Ukraine.
Is the presence of slot machines in the hotel a guarantee of additional profit?
No, it's not. Different forms of gambling (slot machines, bookmakers or casinos) are a high-margin tenant. The average rental rate for such tenants is at least twice, and in some cases three or five times higher than the average market rate in your city.
Is the gambling business legal in Ukraine?
The legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine took place thanks to the law No. 768-ІХ “On state regulation of activity and organization of gambling”. With the entry into force of the law, it became possible to place various types of gambling business (slot machines, casinos, bookmakers and poker clubs) in hotels that meet the list of requirements. Gambling companies that operated online can now officially operate offline. This will allow the state to replenish the budget with taxes from the gaming business, and hotels to increase profits.
Ribas Hotels Group specialists will help with the implementation and promotion of gambling in the hotel.

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