Bautzen by Ribas

The hotel in Poland

The name of the hotel is derived from the history of the city because it previously belonged to the German territory. And the German city Bautzen is now the twin city of Jelenia Gora.

The hotel embodies the unification of the history of the city and its modern life. The interior used references to the style of ‘old Germany’ in combination with modern elements and vibrant colors.

The hotel has a new approach to guest service and accommodation without a classic reception desk. The guest will be able to get the key on their own through the machine for settlement, or with the help of the hotel curator, who will be happy to answer all questions.

Opening Date: July 01, 2021

Stages: the creation of a concept, design, and engineering

Address: Poland, Jelenia Gora

Under construction

Total area: 1,087.2 m2

Infrastructure: Lobby with a mini-business center, café, snack bar, luggage room

Planned return on investment in the project: 10%

Design project: architectural bureau

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