Global financial analysts say that hotel real estate is the most reliable and profitable.

The appeal of seasonal hotels

If we talk about profitability, the most attractive in this sense are beach hotels. They have a light construction, thin walls. They don't have a heating system. There is a minimum staff and 70-80 days a year the facility operates in full occupancy mode. And in the off-season, expenses are only for security. The payback period ranges from five to seven years.

In addition, the southern region of Ukraine has truly unique conditions for the development of tourist facilities. Odessa and Mykolaiv regions are home to some of the most famous resorts in Ukraine. They are located in the warm part of the black sea region, so the temperature of sea water and air remains comfortable for a good rest even in the velvet season. Wide beaches, developing infrastructure contribute to the fact that these resort areas are loved by tourists.

A unique region requires a special approach

Despite favorable conditions, the region has many specific problems related to the hospitality sector. And not all common methods of promotion are suitable for their solution.

One of the owners of the object in the Odessa region expressed his point of view on this issue:

— I attend training sessions in the capital quite often. The main problem I see is that the tools received from Kiev specialists are often not applicable to the realities of our region. Zatoka, Koblevo, Gribovka, Vilkovo and other resort areas are unique in their nature and, more importantly, in the nature of tourists who come there from year to year. That is why owners of recreation centers and small coastal hotels need information and tools that can be applied in this rich but specific territory.

Why us?

On April 17 and 19, practical seminars "Three pillars of a successful hotel: design, management, marketing" were held in Koblevo and Zatoka. The events were organized by the management company Ribas Hotels Group.

Our speakers are practitioners who solve topical issues of the hospitality industry on a daily basis. The information they share can't be found on the Internet or in web courses. They used everything that the speakers talk about personally, on real working objects, and analyzed the action of tools in real time. Therefore, their cases are extremely valuable and can be trusted.

What was it like

The complexity of organizing seminars in Koblevo and Zatoka was also due to the fact that due to the workload of speakers, it was difficult to gather them in one region from different parts of the country. In their spare time, they manage their companies, facilities, or departments. On the peak of the season they do not have a lot of free time, but each of them is well aware of the state of the HoReCa sphere on the South coast. We all share a common goal - to increase the level of Ukrainian service, which means to improve the image of our country in the international hospitality market.

The company is interested in Ukraine being associated by travelers with a country where it is comfortable to relax, interesting to travel and where you want to return. It has everything to become the # 1 tourist center in Europe. And Ribas Hotels Group, as a management company, will do everything possible to make it happen.

Each of the speakers selected the most topical tourist topic in the context of the region, disassembled it for spare parts and provided an effective solution.

So, during two seminars, participants received the top ten tools for profitable hotels from leading marketer of Ribas Hotels Group Victoria Kofman; learned how to sell a dream in a resort hotel from the head of the Shtayer company - Yulia Shtayer; thanks to the Manager of the network of hostels "Friday" Artem Dmitrichenko, they got an algorithm for working with the largest audience of millennial travelers; got acquainted with the list of effective tools to avoid mistakes in the sales Department.

You can read more about the work of this strong team on the reputable hotel portal ProHotelia.

We remind you that last year in Bukovel we held a similar workshop - "100 days with 100% occupancy", which brought together the leading hoteliers of the Carpathian region and received a lot of positive feedback.

Early booking is a guarantee of confidence in a successful season

One of the tools that we have recommended and recommend to our hoteliers during seminars is early booking. By the way, in Europe, tourists actively use it. For example, in the UK, about 84 % of travelers prefer to plan and organize their holidays in advance.

In our country, this direction is only gaining momentum.

Last year, thanks to early booking before May holidays, the rooms of the resort facilities Karolino-Bugaza, Zatoka, Koblevo and Gribovka, which are part of the network, were booked to the amount of over 600,000 hryvnia.

This year, this indicator has increased significantly.

As of April 27, 2018, resort hotels of Ribas Hotels Group were booked for more than UAH 4,400,000.

We are not competitors. We are partners!

— Odessa and Mykolaiv regions are our native lands and native tourist areas. Therefore, we are very pleased to share our experience here — " said the company's founder, Artur lupashko. — The purpose of such training sessions is to increase the level of awareness and education in the field of hospitality among people who make the main decisions: owners and managers of hotels. Together, we can improve the quality of recreation and service in our native region. We plan to hold similar events throughout Ukraine until we increase the turnover of tourists and gross income in Ukraine by at least 10 times.

We plan to hold similar events throughout Ukraine until we increase the turnover of tourists and gross income in Ukraine by at least 10 times.

A short report on how bright and productive the practical seminars were, you can watch here.