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Agate Resort & SPA

investment project

AGATE RESORT & SPA is a cottage town located next to a picturesque coniferous forest in the Carpathians. A special atmosphere of harmony and peace reigns here. This place was made for recharging and relaxing.

The town is designed in a modern architectural style that fits harmoniously into the surrounding natural landscape. An incredible view opens from the windows of the cottages.

Address Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Nadvornyansky district, v. Mykulychyn
Opening date Q2 2024
Stages of cooperation support at all stages of design and implementation, hotel launch, operational and strategic management
Total area 2 720 m2
Infrastructure heated swimming pool, viewing terrace, landscaped and green area, vat, sauna, jacuzzi
Average annual occupancy, % (OOS) 55
Average tariff, $ (ADR) 168
Projected capitalization, % from 30
Net annual profit up to 13% per annum
Interest payment schedule quarterly

The town of AGATE RESORT & SPA is being built among coniferous forests, which are known for their environmental friendliness. This is an ideal option for family vacations. In addition, the cottage town includes parking, SPA, restaurant, 24-hour service, as well as conditions for riding quad bikes.
There are 37 cottages on the territory, which are being built in several stages:

I turn
Floor area: 2
House area: 105.46 m²
Area of the territory: 0.04-0.067 ha

II turn
Floor area: 2
House area: 70.05 m²
Area of the territory: 0.011 ha

III turn
Surface area: 1
House area: 48.45 m²
Area of the territory: 0.015-0.02 ha

IV turn
Surface area: 1
House area: 42.77 m²
Area of the territory: 0.015-0.02 ha

Buying an AGATE RESORT & SPA house is a profitable investment, as it will allow you not only to enjoy your vacation in the Carpathians, but also to receive passive income by renting out the house to the hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group.