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Mandra Dzen

investment project

The first development project of Mandra Glamping in partnership with Poly Architecture Design company and Home-group. The complex is being built in 2 stages: cottages and infrastructure. Located at an altitude of 1130 meters above sea level, the site offers a panoramic view of the Chornohirsky Range, Hoverla and Petros.

Mandra Dzen – it's like a mantra for a comfortable vacation, where vacationers can enjoy peace and fresh air in the midst of pristine nature.

Address Ivano-Frankivsk region, village Apple tree, Deal track
Opening date IV quarter of 2024
Stages of cooperation support at all stages of design and implementation, launch of the complex, operational and strategic management
Infrastructure a restaurant, an event hall with a creative design in the oriental style, a relaxation area by the fire, hammocks-nets, cable cars, a cinema, a tree house, parking for 20 cars. In the second phase, a SPA complex, a swimming pool with a view (infinity pool) and other infrastructure are planned
Projected capitalization, % from 30
Net annual profit up to 16% per annum
Payback up to 9 years
Interest payment schedule quarterly
Developer AI development

The first stage consists of 15 cottages with an area of 34 m2. In each cottage:

  • transparent roof
  • jacuzzi on the roof
  • space design
  • hammock
  • two terraces
  • fireplace
  • loungers

The main philosophy of Mandra Dzen glamping is the ability to maintain a balance between work and leisure, benefit and pleasure.

Mandra Dzen is a place where one seeks peace and finds it. A place where thoughts are louder than a whisper. Actually, here we can listen to ourselves, to our desires, to our dreams.