The book «more than a service»

Pause Village & SPA

investment project

Cottage town with profitable real estate near the river surrounded by mountains.

Not just houses, but everyone has their own yard.

An opportunity to return to childhood and chop wood, pick apples, go to the field and climb into the attic where mushrooms and flowers are dried.

When there is no stress and deadlines, problems and difficulties. When I came to my grandmother's dacha. When the twists and fresh vegetables are the most delicious.

When you can make a PAUSE.

Address Mykulychyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region, st. Sich Streltsy
Opening date Q3 2025
Stages of cooperation concept development, support at all stages of design and implementation, launch of the complex, operational and strategic management
Total area 4309 m2
Infrastructure restaurant, cafe by the bridge, swimming pool, SPA, cinema, common areas for recreation and outdoor activities, parking
Average annual workload, % (OOS) 61
Average tariff, $(ADR) 141
Predicted capitalization, % 15
Net annual profit up to 13-13.4% per annum
Interest payment schedule quarterly
Developer EFFECTBUD Karpaty

We believe that the best vacation is the one that reminds you of childhood and the taste of true freedom.

The cottage town consists of 68 cottages with terraces:

  • 1-room cottages with an area of 40 m²
  • 2-room cottages with an area of 84 m²
  • 2-storey 3-room cottages with an area of 153 m²
  • Duplexes (houses 52 m² and 70 m²)

Pavza is a place where you can reconnect with nature and touch its endless beauty. Here, in the fresh air, every breath is filled with the aroma of fresh apples and green mown grass, and the soul is filled with warmth and tranquility.