Head of the PR Department of the management company Ribas Hotels Group Galina Cherednyuk shared the main levers of interaction with the audience in 2019.

— If you manage a hotel that has already earned the loyalty of guests, the next thing to do is not to repeat everything that is used, but to improve the entire interaction system. And it is very important to accurately convey this to your target audience.

After all, as you know, modesty is the way to the unknown

Strengthening the level of trust of guests, journalists, and the target audience is still the main task of promoting the hotel. The only thing that changes is tactics.

No matter what project you manage or own: a modest hotel or luxury resort, close to a tourist location or away from busy highways — PR should be one of the main concerns. It is unnecessary to remind you that you should distribute truthful and interesting information. However, before generating content, it is necessary to determine the unique feature of the hotel: what makes it special, better than others in the same price range of the region.

Based on this, it is necessary to form the main message in further communication with the audience.

"Modesty is the path to the unknown"

For example, a resort that is popular with newlyweds can accommodate a heart-shaped bathtub, a fireplace and a round bed in luxury rooms. Photos of such a situation must be on the site with a detailed description. Yes, romantic details like this still work.

You can also create a unique service for your hotel. For example, horse riding lessons, photo sessions with themed accessories. Or you can install a glass wall in the bathroom with a view of the picturesque landscape.

The unique feature of your hotel should be the key focus of all advertising and PR. hotel Marketing is built in such a way as to strictly follow the principle: guests are more willing to come to a place where they can get unique memories.

Hotel Richard

The Ribas Hotels Group has been operating the Bortoli city hotel for more than a year. Its concept is based on an Association with the spring garden. Eco-materials are used in the design and decoration. The hotel is brightly and originally zoned. This is how it differs from most city hotels. All the hotel promotion is written so that the guest understands that when they arrive at the hotel, they will get a bright emotion that they will remember for a long time.

Hotel Bortoli

If you are not sure about your concept idea, talk to your guests: ask them what they liked about you; what they think will be better; ask them to write a short response about your hotel.

Offer them something special to do so: a sweet compliment from a restaurant, a ride or lift ticket, a discount at a spa, or gift coupons to a local bakery.

Do something special after they leave. Send a beautiful postcard. If they came to celebrate an anniversary or birthday, mark it in your calendar to send warm greetings next year. Or even offer them to stay with you for free on the day of their holiday. During the off-season, for example, you can send your guests a photo of the beautiful nature in your region.

Pond at the Bless Village hotel

Advantages of PR technologies

PR is usually cheaper than advertising campaigns. But they can also work in synergy. For small hotels, using social media is a good way to generate targeted advertising without spending huge amounts. Just take bright professional photos.

Offer your guests the chance to get a free night added to their paid two-week stay if they win a monthly photo contest for the best hotel photo.

Talk to employees about interesting stories and share them with local media. Then share these materials on social networks immediately after it is published, and repeat the publication in about a month. Maybe do it again in six months. Often, people don't see all your content on social media because of the flow of information in news feeds.

To work effectively, your hotel's PR specialist should take into account that:

• In 2019, there will be a decrease in the popularity of traditional media and the growth of brand journalism as part of content marketing will continue. To build brand trust, you need to create and distribute relevant content. PR will take the position of a strategic media partner.

• It's time to realize that public relations and media relations are different activities. Therefore, don't limit your PR campaign to just this. Try to communicate directly with your audience.

Reputation is the most valuable thing you have

In the modern media world, a large percentage of the media operate with fake news. Because of this, there is a certain degree of distrust of information. So when PR people prepare campaigns, content, and even press releases, they should be prepared for any potential threats to their brand's reputation.

It is important to be specific when quoting sources and to be extra vigilant when it comes to numbers and statistics. You can't give your target audience any reason to doubt the accuracy of the information you offer.

Recommendations for hotels

Word of-mouth PR is one of the most effective ways to promote your business.