We have outlined the key theses from the speech of marketing Director of the Kyiv-Mohylyanska business school Elena Maltseva for students of the school of hotel business management.

The event was organized by the Odessa regional chamber of Commerce. The modules are supported by the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) on the initiative of the European Union — #EU4Business. The main partner is the Advance management development Platform. With the support of the hotel management company Ribas Hotels Group.

The last module will be held on December 20-21. A link to register will be placed at the end of this material.

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"CRM exists" and "CRM works" are different things.

— Once I checked in at a hotel, - Elena Maltseva gave an example. - When the reception asked me how I was doing, I noticed that the room does not have enough hair conditioner. The next time I visited them, the maid brought me three air conditioners. This means that the CRM is present at this hotel.

And if these air conditioners were already in the room when I checked in, and no one bothered me with the fact that they brought hair products, it would mean that CRM is working. Therefore, the existence of a CRM and the fact that it is a management system are different concepts.

There are fastidious and pampered guests in the hotel business.

Spoiled - they don't know what they want.

And the fastidious know what they want very well. And they are grateful when you give it to them.

They always notice or mention in the comments where the hair dryer should be, what should be fixed, where the mirror hangs inconveniently, why there is so much red in the interior, and so on.

But the most difficult clients are those who are not happy, but are silent. There is a very high chance that they will not return to you.

Official dealers of automobile brands give the following examples.

Customers of the Renault brand usually tell in detail what was wrong in the service. Volvo buyers, on the contrary, thank you for the information and do not return. And the brand learns that they are dissatisfied with the brand when they do not apply to the car software service stations in six months or a year.

The hotel business is a business about people, for people and by people.

In this area, it is much more difficult to refuse the wrong client. Than in the service sector to refuse the target customer.

And the main thing that should be in this business is, first of all, love to people. For all guests, without exception, it is necessary to create a pleasant consumer experience. And only people with the mood can create a similar mood for guests. In return, those who hired them can provide inspiration to their subordinates. Full circle.

Not everyone in the hotel business is a guest. If you are working with a B2B segment, these are clients, not guests.

The travel company manager who books your hotel may never become a guest. A variety of resources-Expedia, Booking - are also clients, because you exchange values with them, not services.

Corporators are, for the most part, your clients, not your guests. Because a guest is a person who has received experience of hospitality. In other words, the guest arrived, checked in, and received the product that you offer them.

Hyperpersonalization is a service that should be configured for each client.

People, for example, want to have Breakfast when they want to eat. Not when you have Breakfast planned. If a person has just come to you from the train at six in the morning, then you need their Breakfast right now, and not at eight, when you open a restaurant.

Of course, hyper personalization is effective when you know everything about your guest. So, if you know for sure that you have guests who prefer down pillows, then keep these especially for them. And put it in the room when those guests arrive.

To increase the level of personalization, you need to change the technological processes. But we must understand that the world is coming towards this.

Even some restaurants, for example, have already changed their strategy so that guests can eat their Breakfast at any time of the day. That is, they can order eggs even in the evening.

No customers? This means that the wrong marketing strategy was launched.

So you are in the wrong city, with the wrong concept, for the wrong client.

This is the case when the concept was created separately from the market: it did not take into account whether a particular target audience is engaged, what is the factor of choice for it, and why this price is determined.

Attract non-users of your services.

Many cities around the world have a popular tradition of spending the weekend in a hotel. By the way, in Ukraine this niche is not occupied at all. Therefore, if the rooms in a business hotel remain empty for the weekend, you should pay attention to non-consumers in your city. It is important not to confuse it with brunches. After all, they only make a profit for "food and beverage". I'm talking about checking into rooms on weekends.

Hint: non-consumers of hotels in Odessa are locals.

The biggest problem in marketing: ”I have value, but no one pays for it."

This means that there is no value for this particular customer. Or they don't understand what the value is. Or potential customers don't know you exist. Prove your value and tell us about it.

Tolerance in hotel advertising and promotion.

You should be very careful when promoting the "family hotel" category. Because the concept of family already goes far beyond the context of "mom + dad + son + daughter = family".

Modern families have different, sometimes unconventional forms. And when in a promo video, the text of a post, or even on a sticker by the pool or in the lobby, guests see a broadcast of "happy family", which for some reason they are not included in-this is the stress factor that you put them under. Don't do that.

Marketing 4.0 is an approach that combines online and offline interaction between the company and the client.

The main thing is that you find out who your ideal client is-HXC (High-eXpectation Client) is the most insightful person in your target segment. This is the customer who not only understands, but also enjoys the benefits of your product.

This is the only way to create an effective marketing strategy.

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