The United Nations World Tourism Organization UNWTO recently published a report, which, I will not hide, got me very pleased. According to its data, the tourist season last year was quite successful on a global scale. From the beginning of the year to August 2017, there were registered 7% more guests who stayed overnight than in the same period of 2016 — it’s over 56 million people. Thus, 2017 was the eighth year of continuous growth for the tourism industry. And Europe is the second in the list of regions where this indicator is the highest.

What does this mean for Ukraine and, in particular, the Kiev hospitality sector? What do Kiev hotels, hostels, hotel and restaurant complexes need to do in order not only to successfully spend the season, but also to ensure year-round loading?

Business trip as a bonus

About ⅓ of the company's employees admitted that they would have accepted a lower salary if they had been on frequent business trips. This is reflected in a recent report by the international system " for business." In this regard, modern employers consider business trips as an additional tool for developing their business and motivating employees at the same time.

What are the benefits for facilities in Kiev?

They have a new layer of active audience. There are subtleties to be reckoned with in interacting with it. For example, architects who travel and other creative staff will visit the most modern, if not exclusive, places. For example, boutique hotels, guest houses, or themed apartments.

Bankers and financiers will prefer business hotels with high star ratings. The availability of a restaurant and a conference room will also be important for them.

Freelancers and bloggers have become extremely active in terms of business trips. The main focus for them is a strong wi-fi signal and coworking areas. And, believe me, even a small review on any resource that your hotel or hostel has problems with the Internet will lead them to book a room elsewhere. Therefore, the Internet and work area in your establishment should work perfectly.

Keep in mind that most companies that regularly send employees to study or on business trips will look for budget options. First of all, they will be looking for information, so improve your site as much as possible: update the photo content, check the activity of the booking department, and keep all the information that your potential guest sees up-to-date.

Flagship of outbound tourism

In the next five years, China will become the world's largest flagship destination for outbound tourism. Interesting statistics of trips abroad of citizens of this country:

Recently, VFS Global centers have started working in Beijing to make it easier for Chinese people to get a Ukrainian visa or to provide an opportunity to come without a visa for a few days. At the moment, you can already get a Ukrainian visa at these centers for the average price for these documents at 65 dollars.

The approach of Chinese travelers to travel has also changed. A few years ago their movements around the world were held under the motto: "Shopping and nothing but shopping", now they have become more discerning in their expenses and experienced in traveling.

Therefore, I would recommend that managers or hotel owners buy or make calendars themselves with interesting city events: festivals, parties, exhibitions, and other cultural events. Kiev has a vibrant cultural life. Show this to your guests.

The city brand - the brand of the country

British travel company Hoppa has compiled an annual ranking of the most expensive and budget places in 2018. The list was compiled taking into account the average cost of hotel accommodation, food, logistics and entertainment per day.

Hoppa took data for calculations from four of the world's most authoritative sources:,,,

Also take into account that the final match of the 2018 UEFA Champions League will be held in Kiev on may 26. For the first time in the history of Ukraine, it will be held at the NSC Olimpiyskiy stadium. The Kiev city state administration has already stated that three times more tourists will come to this event than to Eurovision 2017.

So, among others, tourists with a minimum budget will come to Kiev. There will be many of them. The press service of the city authorities reports that tourists are booking hotels and hostels of economy and middle class. On average, such tourists will spend about a hundred dollars a day in the capital.

A task for hoteliers

Turn your city into a brand in the eyes of all categories of tourists. In Kiev, of course, there is no Black sea at hand, but there are many other advantages that, if properly served, can make it an attractive tourist center.

I advise you to create route maps with attractions for tourists who do not want to spend a lot of money.

Here is our Odessa example:

For guests who come to our hostels, mini-hotels or participate in blog or press tours — we have created a map that includes new interesting locations, main historical attractions, original cafes and other interesting things. We designed it in the Odessa style and called it "where are we going?".

The Kiev equivalent of such a map may include these locations:

Modern tourists can buy almost anything they want on their own. But they are looking for positive emotions, new impressions. And if you can give them this-the attractiveness of your object in the eyes of potential guests will increase many times.

Artur Lupashko, CEO
Ribas Hotels Group
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