Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have become the most talked-about couple since announcing their engagement. Interest in them continues to this day. Every look of the Prince's wife is widely discussed in the world media. Fashion analysts are seriously talking about the Duchess of Sussex as a person who has a significant impact on the fashion industry. Several times the websites of fashion designers collapsed from a flurry of orders in the first hours after Megan went public in a particular outfit.

The news that the wife of Prince Harry will wear a suit from the Ukrainian brand Petra by Frankovska flew around the domestic and world media. We contacted the brand's founder, Evgenia Frankovskaya, and talked to her about working with the British Royal house.

We also compared some data from global portals and drew attention to the forecasts of tourist activities in the period 2018-2021.

But about everything in order.

From dream to reality — one letter.

— Evgenia, the information in the media is very diverse. Some of the headlines say you've already made a suit for the Duchess. And the dress is next. Other reports say that you dress almost the entire Royal court. Still others write that Meghan Markle already wears products from your collections. Tell us how things really are.

— I admit, we did not expect this news to get such a wide response. I wrote a letter addressed to Meghan Markle, in which I said that I am very sensitive to the entire Royal family.

I've always liked Princess Diana's style. And, of course, I watched her sons grow up. My favorite has always been the fun-loving and free-spirited Prince Harry. Due to various circumstances, he is granted much more freedom than his older brother. So it was very interesting to see who he would marry. I admired his choice. Megan is a self-sufficient, smart and active girl. I believe she brought a fresh perspective on fashion, femininity and the role of women in society to the Royal court. I wrote to her about it in a letter. She even assured me that if necessary, I could make outfits for the entire Royal family.

Together with the team of the brand Petra by Frankovska, we selected five sketches of our products. And I attached them to the letter. Two weeks later, my assistant stylist, Jessica Mulroney, answered me. She said she opted for a pant suit, a sky blue colour.

Silk from India, buttons from Italy.

— As far as I know, a suit of this cut is kind of a challenge to the designer, since it is quite difficult to sew it perfectly molded to the figure. It's true?

— The costume of the sculptural cut chosen by the Duchess's stylists really requires painstaking work of the master. Yes, it is much easier to make several dresses than one suit. But we have a talented team. 4 masters will work on the product. We have already ordered several types of fabric and handmade buttons from Italy. Silk lining - from India. It, by the way, will be collected manually.

At the moment, we have only agreed on the model of one product - a suit "Eugene" in color called "fog of the Harbor" with cropped trousers. They haven't sent us the measurements yet. It is necessary to coordinate the fabric and buttons. Therefore, reports that the suit for Megan has already been made are exaggerated.

— This costume was included in your autumn collection. Is it already receiving orders?

— Yes, girls are already getting this model.

— Relatively recently, the website of one of the Australian fashion designers just collapsed when Meghan Markle appeared in a dress of his brand. I tried to visit your site. It says that it is under reconstruction. Do you optimize it so that customers from other countries can purchase your products without any failures?

— Our site is really in the process of optimization. But this is a planned event. We regularly update the tools so that girls from anywhere in the world can easily place an order.

I am sure that we will not suffer the fate of designers who were brought down by websites due to a large flow of orders, since my brand's collections are limited. I do not like to repeat myself, so the products are sewn in limited quantities. In addition, if you go to mass production, you can lose quality. And this is unacceptable, in my opinion.

Girls in the style of "Megan".

— As far as I know, even before your letter to the UK, you named the Duchess of Sussex as the Muse of your recent collection. Why is it?

— I create clothes for girls like Meghan Markle — modern, smart, able to express themselves, not afraid of interesting silhouettes, non-standard styles and textures. These girls do not have time for long training camps. They appreciate clothes that are easy to combine for any mood, weather, circumstances. They like to break the rules and do it very nicely. I am sure that such extraordinary, proactive personalities are the future.

— Eugene, there is a lot of talk about the theory of generations. One of the largest audiences — generation z — is entering the labor and consumer market.according to various studies, this generation has a completely different view of fashion from previous audiences. Have they already eliminated Ralph Lauren from the top 10 list, who hasn't left the top ten since 2002?

— Yes, this is quite logical, in my opinion. Ralph Lauren professes aristocracy, conservatism in clothing for gentlemen and ladies from high society. Today's young people do not need this. They will not collect collections of handbags from leading fashion houses. They need freedom, democracy and the ability to easily and easily combine things with each other.

I think that those fashion houses and brands that will be able to adapt to the new generation and its values will survive. Pathos will go to the second or even third plan. Status in clothing will acquire completely different messages. It will not be "refined luxury for the elite". The Zetas highly value freedom of choice, convenience, brevity, and environmental friendliness. That's why budget brands like Zara and others like it are now entering the fashion scene.

Our brand has been on the market for 16 years. We keep a close eye on trends. We have built our work so that by purchasing one item of clothing, the buyer can easily combine it with any clothing from the collections of previous years. And all subsequent bows we develop with this in mind.

For modern girls from generation Y and Z, we have done everything to save time on thinking through outfits and completing fashionable ensembles. We tried to concentrate a large number of images in each collection. And they don't wait for a special occasion. Dresses and suits can be worn to a variety of events and look stylish at the same time.

In the focus of world attention.

— Your letter and the reaction of the Royal house to it once again drew the attention of the world community to Ukraine, Kiev. How do you feel about this?

— I believe that our country is rich in talents in almost all areas. Ukrainian designers have long declared themselves and are already quite recognizable on the world's catwalks. And when our brands once again celebrate in a positive way-it pleases. And, I am sure, this contributes to strengthening the brand awareness of Ukraine and the capital in the international space.


Interviewed by Christina Vier.