We decided in our company to use such a type of motivation as staff rotation. By the way, it is successfully used by various corporations: General Motors, Honda, McDonalds and others. They note an increase in the level of efficiency and the generation of new ideas from employees who briefly tried on another position.

Our interesting experience

Ribas Hotels Group manages about 25 hotels: resort and city hotels, hostels, recreation centers, etc. In which about 1500 employees work.

The company employs approximately 80 people in the office. We decided to send them to seasonal hotels.

Еach office worker chose the hotel to go for practiсe by a drawing.

I had to go to Gribovka to the beach hotel Richard. Сompany promised to announce our temporary position directly on the spot. Employees of the marketing department and the manager of the Friday hostel chain pulled out a lucky ticket to Gribovka too.

Our new responsibilities

Social media, such as lobby windows in the hotels, must be perfectly clean. Therefore, smm-girls from the marketing department were enrolled as assistants to the chambermaid and went to wash the windows.

The designers didn't want to go far from their common work, so they asked to give them something to draw. It turned out that they had already painted everything before them, so they were entrusted with painting the rim of the children's pool and the fence around it.

General manager of the Friday hostel chain, Artem Dmitrichenko, cleaned the area adjacent to the hotel.

Some of my colleagues ended up in the kitchen. Head of PR department Galina Cherednyuk and curator of the tender committee of the company Petr Stoyanov became ardent assistants to the chef at the Seazon hotel. The main dish of that day was fish. Now the guys know everything about how to clean it correctly, how many fish can be processed in three hours and how to distinguish fresh fish from previously frozen.

Don't tell Galina Cherednyuk and Petr Stoyanov (two on the right) that you don't like fish. They will say that you just do not know how to cook it.

The heads of the marketing and HR department Victoria Kofman and Evgeniya Dekhtyarenko worked as waiter's assistants at the Kiparis Park Hotel. A big plus is the opportunity to chat with guests during orders and cute aprons of the terrace workers.

I didn’t ask to work, as I was waiting for the appointment of a general manager. But it turned out, that beach boy needs help more than a general manager. So, I worked alongside a bitch boy.

Breaking stereotypes

Of course, the imagination drew a pumped-up young man playing with his biceps, admiring his cubes on the press and periodically grumbling at people sunbathing on towels: “This is our sea, our air, our sand….”.

But beach boy Alexander turned out to be not what I imagined. He was a short, thin, middle-aged man. He said that I would clean the children's pool with a small smile. They gave me gloves and a plastic apron. That's not how you envisioned the beach boy's assistant, right?

While I was doing the important work entrusted to me, I struck up a leisurely conversation with Alexander. He comes from Vinnitsa region. His wife and two children live there. He works in the resorts of the Odessa region four months a year, because in his small homeland in the summer such money cannot be earned.

He likes working with people and on the open air. During my stay here, he never drove people from the beach or beach beds if it was occupied by strangers. He says that he learned from the first phrases to identify citizens of different countries. Estonians are very polite, for example. Always say “thank you” several times. Belarusians are really smiling. And the citizens of Moldova behave in a familiar way: they ask how they work here, how they live, what salary. British always wish “good day and evening”. Ukrainians from different regions share information about the situation with work in their regions. Only a small percentage allow themselves a boorish attitude towards service personnel.

We were resting after doing work.

What do you think I did? That's right, I would choose the most beautiful beach bed, an expensive umbrella, maybe even grab an inflatable pink flamingo and wander to the beach to professionally rest.

Taking my camera, I went to the rooms. To shoot free apartments and the surrounding area, of course.


— I can safely add the word "family" to the name of the beach hotel Richard. It is located on the first line from the sea. You can see a creek with fresh water on the right side. Here in the reeds nestled the cutest family of muskrats. Mom and son swim up to the shore in the evenings and graciously allow the young guests of the hotel to feed themselves.

They love leaves and grains. Also at the disposal of young tourists is a playground, animators and, importantly, a clean children's pool.

  • The office workers liked the trip, as they perceived it exclusively as an adventure.
  • However, it was recognized that the work of line personnel is really not easy.
  • HR specialists received a response on the working conditions and wishes of the local staff.
  • Marketers had the opportunity to take a closer look and listen to the audience they interact with.
  • Copywriters, smm-specialists, PR people, journalists noted the unprecedented usefulness of this activity, since communication with line personnel "face to face" gave a lot of useful information for further work: posts, articles, new ideas, photo content.


  • I didn't try myself in the desired role. But the beach boy's assistant who does not dream of becoming a manager is bad. I will look forward to the next rotation of employees.

Christina Vier