On August 30, the presentation of the corporate magazine of the management company Ribas Hotels Group took place. In a cozy cafe Dvor12 on the penultimate day of summer gathered about a hundred guests. Congratulations on the release of the pilot issue, offers of cooperation, meeting successful people — a small part of this wonderful evening.

How did this happen? We share the secrets of a successful event:


The style of the powder party was not chosen by chance. The end of summer itself dictated going beyond the usual image events. We invited our guests to enjoy a light evening breeze coming from the sea, champagne and informal communication.


We must admit that initially a stylish conference hall of one of the four-star business hotels in the city was chosen for the presentation. On reflection, we realized that the concept of Ribas magazine, which is fundamentally different from publications of this kind, implies holding an event in a more informal setting. We needed an atmospheric, youth-friendly, maximally open space. We soon found it. On one of the most beautiful boulevards of Odessa — Primorsky — there is a cafe Dvor, 12. The Odessa courtyard, with its incredibly warm energy and original design, was the best place to hold a presentation.


The scenario consisted of three thematic blocks: "Creators of the magazine", "Heroes of the issue" and "Guests of the event".

So that a large number of performances do not tire the audience, we decided to dilute them with musical sets from the DJ.


By the way, the party itself implies musical accompaniment.

We invited a Red Pit DJ to our event, who provided all-inclusive music at the city's top parties. And we came to the conclusion that the correct musical tone of the evening also affects the overall atmosphere and mood of the guests.

Photo zone

A lot of people would love to be on the cover of a fashion magazine. We did not pretend to be British scientists and did not conduct long-term research to deduct the percentage in this question. They relied on their developed intuition and made a strong-willed decision to recreate the cover of the magazine at the height of human length, so that guests could feel themselves under the lenses of cameras on the front page of the top gloss. We added several balloon compositions to the photo zone. This created a 3D photo zone effect. It should be noted that it was very popular among the guests.

Opinion leader

The hospitality industry of Ukraine is rich in experts who can share cases, opinions and knowledge. Their experience is very valuable across the company, regions and country. Some of the brightest opinion leaders - President of the National tourism organization of Ukraine Ivan Liptuga, President of the Association of corporate media of Ukraine Oksana Todorova, Director Of the Association "Tourism of Odessa" Oksana Kuznetsova, editor — in-chief of La Boussole magazine Tatiana Polonik - addressed the guests of the party. And co-founder of the first online radio station in Ukraine, Radio MORE.FM Pavel Kozlov shot a dynamic report about the presentation.

Force majeure

At the last moment, it became clear that the company's CEO, Artur Lupashko, would not be able to open the event due to an urgent business trip. And one of the brightest speakers, the founder of the project "know In Ukraine", "12 vartovih", the author of the book "a Little Magic journey" Lala Tarapakina, also does not have time to get to us.

So we lost in one fell swoop the spectacular opening of the evening and one of the long-awaited speakers, who also graced the pages of the first issue of Ribas magazine.

But we found an excellent way out of the situation. We arranged a live broadcast of absent speakers. So, Artur Lupashko, together with the company's Executive Director Andrey Marenchuk, welcomed guests from Bukovel, with the hotel in the background, which the company will launch before the New year 2019.

Lala Tarapacana sent a video greeting from her "office on wheels" as she jokingly calls her car. Such videos diversified the scenario and added some pops to the event.


At the end of the evening, we raffled off three certificates for hotel stays in the chain.

Ribas Hotels Group is among those who registered for the event and posted photos with hashtags with the names of the company and magazine.