Ukraine was included in the Forbes list of the most affordable places to travel. We are also among the top ten countries where tourists could have a relatively inexpensive but high-quality vacation. But, unfortunately, in the eyes of a foreign traveler, Ukraine still does not appear from the best side.

Every day all business parties that are interested in tourist flows to our resorts will have to change this reality.

Andrey Marenchuk, Executive Director of the management company Ribas Hotels Group, shared the tools that are being implemented in the company to ensure that foreign and Ukrainian guests choose Ukraine as their vacation destination.

The morning doesn't start with coffee.

Dynamic, active movement forward is the main trend of the hospitality industry in the coming years. Hoteliers who hope that they will be able to leave the hotel to the Manager and just monitor the occupancy are severely mistaken. Hotel owners who do not have other alternatives should conduct a daily analysis of changes in the market.

That is, instead of morning coffee, I recommend checking the following KPIs:

  • The level of site visits and the ratio of visits (decreased or increased by organic traffic, traffic from paid advertising and social networks); Facebook, Instagram;
  • Rating on and on other online booking services;
  • The number of calls for the last day and night, the conversion ratio of calls-booking;
  • Determine the average sales check;
  • Calculate the percentage of failures, "no-shows".
  • Average check for additional services and mini-bar;
  • Assessment of staff turnover at the moment and the ratio for different categories of personnel (A, B, C);
  • Monitoring fluctuations in the supplier market, prices and pricing;
  • Reorient all CRIS when new prices appear.

Who does your audience believe?

If you know the answer to this question, then you are already aware that the world's leading agencies have long decided on trends. And they, trends, differ significantly from the previous ones in their effectiveness. Instagram Facebook, YouTube in the first place — close cooperation with bloggers. A huge loyal audience follows them, trusts them, and imitates them in many ways. Therefore, such advertising is much more productive than commercials on television, on the Internet, on the radio. I advise you to initiate sweepstakes and take an active part in forming the target audience. I am sure that those hotels that take a course to change their marketing strategy in this direction will not be disappointed.

One click is a long time

Today, guests can easily book a room using the personal assistant Siri. But they will not be able to do this through the official website of the hotel, only through international booking systems.

Voice control and voice-over-Internet-search spread very quickly. Therefore, this fact is also worth considering. Finally, Google will venture into its own booking platform. Within this year, you can order a room using it. However, it is still resisting, because as of 2017-2018. paid Google $ 2.5 billion for contextual advertising. No hotel can compare to budgets like this and marketing expenses. For Google, this portal is a very profitable and reliable partner.

The principle of booking with one or two clicks, which made it possible to quickly spread it's slowly fading into the past. After all, the modern guest no longer wants to even press the buttons.

He wants to book a hotel only with a phrase spoken out loud.

Taking into account the tastes and requirements of each person, the Siri search engine will now be able to independently select a place to stay. These services are already available in cars. Voice control in them via Siri and Google Assistant is provided by the CarPlay system.

Now users do not need to spend time searching and analyzing information in web search engines. People like to "sit" in social networks, communicate more with family and friends, engage in their favorite Hobbies, and not solve organizational and everyday issues.

No less important is the assessment of the level of service at and other online booking resources. After all, during the search and determination of the hotel, guests are mainly guided by comments: conclusions and impressions. So pay special attention to them. After all, an impeccable reputation is the key to success in the hospitality industry.

The Australian experience in Ukrainian realities

In some countries, such as Australia, payroll taxes are a high percentage. The night shifts are also paid higher. Therefore, hotels have implemented automated check-in, which has already become the norm on the continent. At night, the administrator is not at work. The guest serves himself. The day before, he gets a code, after entering which you can get inside. Directly at the hotel, the guest picks up their key from the locker and goes to hisroom.

In Ukraine, at night, the receptionist at the workplace is a common thing. Clearly, taking into account the experience of our Australian colleagues, we should rethink certain internal processes and introduce new technologies.

Several mini-hotels of the Ribas Hotels Group chain have carried out staff optimization. The ratio of salary expenses to profit in percentage comparison at such facilities is the highest. Their salary should be lower, because the gross product per hotel is small. However, the administrator's earnings can not be scanty just because the hotel has a small number of rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to improve operational processes. For example, to optimize the salary fund some European hotels, like Ibis, connected the reception and the bar. The receptionist at night settles guests and takes orders for cocktails, that is, also performs the duties of a bartender.

This year will force you to make non-standard decisions in optimizing hotel costs, and most importantly-do not reduce the quality of services provided and maintain the reputation of the hotel.

Revenue management: secret agent of the profits

The direction of Revue management (pricing), in my opinion, remains at a fairly low level: many complications arise when working with price dynamics. Such difficulties most often appear in the work of mini-hotels, hostels and mini-hotels with a small number of rooms. After all, Ukraine still lacks qualified managers who could successfully apply and implement such technologies in their work. When making a budget, experts carefully examine all aspects of cost formation and identify weaknesses. Thankfully, they clearly know when and how to reduce the room fee, and when to increase it.

When setting rates, hoteliers must constantly monitor market fluctuations: determine which categories are in demand, the price level, and what events affect the rise and fall. Resources such as, TravelLine, TripAdvisor, give you the opportunity to monitor pricing in the market, get acquainted with the prices of competitors and other processes that matter.

It is very important to properly manage the price of a room. For example, the total revenue of a hotel is affected by the cost of a single room. So, if you do not raise the fee at the right time by at least 100 hryvnia, the total amount per day of the hotel, which has, for example, 20 rooms, will decrease by 2000 hryvnia. This amount may cover part of the maid's salary, for example.

Take a closer look at the suppliers

New offers are constantly appearing on the market. This year's conditions will bring tough competition to entrepreneurs. Hotels must constantly monitor the proposals of the suppliers. Perhaps there are new interesting products manufacturers of mini-perfumes, textiles, household goods, etc. be in search of current novelties or analogues that have high quality and are not inferior to previous products.

It is no secret that the cost of electricity supply is increasing, so all the services that are associated with it are also increasing in price. For example, the cost of servicing washing machines will increase. If earlier the hotel paid 15 UAH for a kilogram of Laundry, in the near future it will cost 17 UAH.

Motivation = Efficiency

It is very important to pay attention to the system of staff motivation, and especially the revenue side. In my opinion, it is worth increasing the percentage ratio of the salary and motivation. Make a 50% salary and 50% motivation. That is, if the salary depends on the rate in a larger percentage, then the employees are not very interested in the total income of the hotel. And the number of guests in the hotel does not affect their personal interest. This significantly reduces motivation. I do not recommend planning salary indexation within a fixed rate. Indexing by 15-20% should be carried out within the interest rate. The salary received will be higher, but the staff's interest in the total income of the hotel will be many times greater.

So, only constant monitoring and study of the market situation allows you to stay on the crest of the wave of the 2019 RCU. After all, difficulties need to be solved in order to position yourself favorably in the world of tourism.

Trust business professionals

There is another solution - to entrust the project to professionals, the essence of which is the development of the hotel. Thus, the company's marketer is exclusively engaged in the promotion of the hotel; the HR Department only thinks about how to eliminate staff turnover, develops tools for their motivation.

The results of the year 2019 depend only on you. The circumstances of success or failure are already being formed today. And only your choice is decisive.