As part of the Invest Weekend in Bukovel on November 25, Artur Lupashko, founder and CEO of Ribas Hotels Group, together with his partner Igor Ilchyshen, founder and CEO of Ama Family Resort, presented three new hotel projects. The first is a five-star hotel in Bukovel with 150 rooms, developed with the Archimatika project group. The second is an authentic cottage community PÓTAY in Yablunytsia in cooperation with the architectural and construction company COSMOS in. The third is the WOL apart-hotel in Vinnytsia, together with the TEMO design bureau.

"Each of the hotels will be the best in its segment in these regions. The payback period of the PÓTAY project in Yablunytsia is ~9.1 years, WOL in Vinnytsia ~9.3 years, and the hotel in Bukovel ~10.0 years. I am proud of the teams that worked on these projects and confident in their success. We strive to strengthen Ukraine's status as a strong hotel player in the international arena with each new facility," commented Artur Lupashko.

According to Ihor Ilchyshen, the construction of the hotel in Bukovel will begin in the spring of 2024, and its commissioning is scheduled for Q2 2027. The construction of the WOL project in Vinnytsia will begin in winter 2024 and will be completed in Q3 2025. The construction of the PÓTAY cottage community has already begun and will be commissioned in Q2 2025. "All three facilities will be created according to a unique concept. They will set a trend in the market for the creation of high-quality hotel projects that people want to come and invest in," said Igor Ilchyshen.

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On visualization: PÓTAY cottage community in Yablunytsia

On visualization: WOL apartment hotel in Vinnytsia

On visualization: a hotel in Bukovel

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