On April 19, 2024, Ribas Hotels Group, an international hotel operator, and Kreator-Bud Private Enterprise successfully signed a memorandum on the partnership for economic activity in accordance with the system and standardization of hotel business and management of the Central Park apartment complex located in Katowice (Poland).

Kreator-Bud Private Enterprise makes commitments for the project as below:

Ribas Hotels Group makes commitments for the Central Park apartment project as below:

Ribas Hotels Group runs 28 properties under integrated management and exclusive booking contracts. Six of them were designed and built by the company. The room inventory is more than 1.5 thousand rooms./p>

Founded in 2006, «Kreator-Bud» is a vertically integrated full-cycle holding company. Today, Kreator-Bud is building residential complexes such as Warsaw Deluxe, Naberezhna Vezha in Ternopil, Dnipro Island, Creator City, Krauss Gallery and Gravity Park in Kyiv, and a residential complex on Stryiska Street and the Beethoven residential complex in Lviv, and is developing eight modern projects in Ternopil, such as Beverly Hills, Atlanta Tower, Manhattan, Warsaw Microdistrict, Dominican, Metropol, Panorama and Park Complex.

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