UEU in the faces of Arthur Lupashko, the founder and CEO of Ribas Hotels Group

The number of members of the UEU is growing every day. And the Odessa region shows good dynamics in this process. We continue to introduce you to people who proudly bear the title of entrepreneur. Today, the hero of the "UEU in faces" project is Artur Lupashko, CEOr of the Ribas Hotels Group management company.

About the launch

It all started with the fact that in 2012 I was invited to optimize the work at the recreation center in Zatoka. As a result of the activities of the team that I gathered, we managed to achieve profit for the first time in 7 years of operation of the facility. Two years later, we launched our own apartment hotel in the center of Odessa. It became the first property in the Ribas Hotels Group chain.

In the following years, I invested in workflow automation, staff training, and building a system management company. Over the years of its existence, 25 objects in different regions of Ukraine have been transferred to the operational management and exclusive management of the company.

Why do owners contact us?

The hotel business is a liability. All investors face the difficulties of this business — the outflow of personnel, which is why they constantly have to train staff. And guests don't break in the door themselves, so you need to make thoughtful marketing steps.

At the same time, as a rule, all our owners have their main business. And he suffers from the fact that the "new baby" takes a long time, because the hotel business is unpredictable. Our main task is to remove non-core activities from the owner's shoulders.

About the company's value

Every hotel in our chain is special. In a large hotel, and a small apart-hotel serves an equally tasty breakfast. The same quality of cleaning is provided in a youth hostel and in a high-status business hotel. In all our facilities, the staff is united with the fact that the interests, wishes and needs of the guest are always a priority.

The main goal of the company is to have as many satisfied guests as possible. There are many vectors behind this:

  • attracting investment in the tourism sector of the regions;
  • improving the level of service in all areas where our hotels are located;
  • design and construction of high-quality facilities in compliance with the highest quality standards;
  • operational and strategic management of various levels of facilities;
  • coverage of the company's facilities in all regions of the country;
  • access to the international level and Ukraine in the global HoReCa market.

Approach to the service

The secret of successful operation of the huge mechanism, of course, is hidden from prying eyes. Behind the scenes, the multi-level work of the entire management company Ribas Hotels Group is in full swing. This is a complex system, formed from departments, regulations and standards that define the framework and boundaries of interaction between all the gears of the system; from the culture and values that ensure conscientious, sincere service implementation of standards. This, in my opinion, is an ideal mechanism, closed exclusively on people who, despite everything and thanks to each of our guests, show their best personal and professional qualities.

To make sure that the service of our hotels is highly professional, we have created a special guest care Department. Its purpose is to prevent unpleasant situations with users. One of these tools is the "secret guest". Once a month, the group's hotels are visited by "secret guests" who check the qualifications of the staff.

According to the instructions, they simulate various situations, for example, they order room service at two in the morning or pick up drinks from the mini-bar and assure the reception that they did not take anything. The employee's task is to get out of the situation professionally.

Today, the main office of Ribas Hotels Group employs 50 people during the low season, and during the active season there will be more than a hundred of them. If you count hotels, this is more than 1.5 thousand people during the peak period. In General, every year we feel positive changes in the personnel issue. The percentage of employee returns increased by 38% compared to the year before last. And this is good news. According to our HR Department forecasts, this year about 67% of seasonal line staff will return to the facilities in the summer.


I believe in "morning magic". It is in the morning that I have more energy, so I try to schedule all my meetings at this time. However, sooner or later, each of us faces a complete loss of motivation. At such moments, I switch my thoughts from difficult life circumstances to big dreams that give me the strength to move on. The dream turns problems into fleeting difficulties that I solve or change my attitude to them.

In different periods of my life, I am inspired by different outstanding personalities. At the dawn of the Ribas Group, I was inspired by Isadore sharp, the founder of the Four Seasons hotel chain.

My father has always been a hero to me. The bright memory of him encourages you to go to your goals every day and achieve them, so that you can proudly bear his name.

It also inspires a new environment. I am actively involved in business communities and social initiatives. The main goal of this position is to absorb the best from the environment and charge yourself with energy. Over the past few years, I have met hundreds of incredible people, many of whom have become an example to me.

Membership in the UEU

I am sure that the strength is in unity. That is why I consider the entry of Ribas Hotels Group into the Union of Ukrainian entrepreneurs an important step in the development of a powerful platform for conducting successful business in Ukraine.

About new projects and plans

Now a new 45-room hotel is being built in Bukovel - this is the case when the owner trusted us 100%. We chose the location, design, build and manage it ourselves. This is the first object that we named our brand with reference to the location - "Ribas Bukovel".

I know for a fact that I will one day open a hotel with a view of Central Park, which will be called Ribas NYC.