We asked employees of the management company Ribas Hotels Group to share the habits they have acquired since working for the company.

Those who finish reading will get a bonus - funny variations of habits from our employees.


Constantly improve yourself.

It sounds lengthy, but I mean that I try not to miss books, articles, and thematic events related to the company's field of activity.

How the habit started.

I came to a team where employees constantly and whenever possible develop their skills and add to their knowledge. And the company contributes to this in every possible way: it pays for training, buys new books and conducts training. This is a great motivation.

Plan your day. And analyze the results at the end of it. It is best to plan the next day in the evening. And in the morning, just run your eyes over what you have written and confidently enter a new day.

How the habit started.

The number of tasks and goals kept growing every day.

In order to prevent them from creating chaos, I began to plan them by priority. Of course, there are urgent tasks during the day, but planning and analysis help to avoid such situations.

GALINA CHEREDNIK, head of PR-Department

Finish what you started.

My grandmother says all the time: "Take everything to the end, otherwise nothing will work!". I think she predicted the Bitrix system.

How the habit started.

When I joined the company, I started working in the Bitrix24 program, in which tasks must be completed on time, otherwise your performance indicators fall. Of course, you can negotiate with Bitrix and postpone deadlines, but after a while this is no longer required, since you get the habit of doing everything clearly, quickly, and without putting it off.

INGA ALEKSEEVA, reservations manager

Always say "Good afternoon" on the phone with a smile on your face.

Instead of the banal "Hello", I greet and speak with a smile, as the interlocutor always feels the shades of mood in the voice. I try to listen carefully to the end of the conversation without interrupting.

How the habit started.

From the first day of work, Ribas Hotels Group reservations managers are trained. The series of lectures and workshops includes recommendations on how to talk to a potential guest. One of the tips is to smile while talking. Then the voice gets a friendly emotional color and this disposes the interlocutor.

KRISTINA VIER, content specialist in the PR Department

Non stop voice recording

In my phone, the voice recorder shortcut is displayed on the home screen so that I can turn it on in a split second.

How the habit started.

I have long noticed that people who are interviewed in a formal setting — in the office, for example, are in some tension. This does not always have a positive effect on the outcome of the conversation. But while walking around the city or objects, talking in a cafe or even in the office kitchen, they relax and the conversation takes place in a comfortable format for them. As a result, the journalist discovers a lot of interesting details that would be difficult to extract from the walls of the office.

Drink water in the morning,

Our brain is 73 % water. Every morning, he is slightly dehydrated and a glass of water on an empty stomach helps to restore his water balance.

How the habit started.

CEO of the company Arthur Lupashko shared with employees the book "the Brain: a quick guide" by D. Lewis and A. Webster. There were published useful tips that help to arrange a kind of fitness for the brain.

Go outside the office.

The fact that you need to move more and periodically change the landscape during the day, breathe in fresh air is no secret to anyone. This tones the muscles of the body and provides oxygen for the brain.

How the habit started.

The company provides coffee times and defined lunch time. During these breaks, most employees go outside, go to the nearest park, or play table tennis or computer games in the office.

The management of Ribas Hotels Group encourages this short-term change of environment, as it always leads to a "second wind".


Be loyal to people.

This is not very much squeezed into the format of a habit, but still a tolerant attitude to mistakes and behavior of some people needs to be nurtured.

How the habit started.

The company is constantly growing. Therefore, the search for qualified specialists from different fields never stops. In our database there are about 92 000 CVs, daily we meet with people and work with a new summary. It often happens that the information provided in the CV is not true. Or a person doesn't show up on time, doesn't complete a test task, promises to come on Monday and disappears. There are still a lot of cases when people fail, but we learn to be loyal and continue to believe in them.

VICTORIA PANCHENKO, copywriter of the marketing Department.

Read all texts on your way: at work, on the road, at home, with friends. In emails, messages, posts, and text messages.

How the habit started.

The number of articles, notes, and translations I have made since I joined the company has increased several times. Therefore, working with text on any media and in any place is constantly happening.

Be mobile.

Get ready in five minutes? Easy. I'm the kind of person who always has spare shoes, a suit, a camera, food, and a portable phone charger in my bag.

How the habit started.

My duties include not only writing and translating texts. Sometimes I help with the organization of filming, participate in them as a model or conduct a reportage shoot myself. Therefore, you should always be prepared to break down and go to one of the objects.

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