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Bali is an Indonesian island that is considered one of the most desirable vacation destinations around the world. It is a great choice to invest in real estate considering Bali’s tourism attractiveness and Indonesia's economic growth. In addition, the country's government encourages foreign investors to invest in Balinese real estate.

Why should you invest in real estate in Bali and what should you pay attention to when choosing a property? Let's explore further.

Why exactly Indonesia?

Indonesia is an archipelago of over 18,000 islands with remarkable nature. With about 280 million inhabitants, Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation. Over the past few decades, Indonesia has developed into a vibrant democracy with the largest and most rapidly growing economy in Southeast Asia. The country's economy is evolving steadily and now ranks 16th in the world.

The official currency in Indonesia is the stable rupiah. The inflation rate is in the range of 2 to 4%, which demonstrates the country’s economic stability. One significant advantage is that you can legally convert cryptocurrencies and fiat money using official crypto exchanges.

According to Standard Chartered Bank, Indonesia's economy is forecasted to grow from 4.2 trillion U.S. Dollars in 2020 to 10.1 trillion U.S. Dollars by 2030 to develop into the world's fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity.

Advantages of investing in real estate in Bali

In the photo: Anton Taranenko, the founder of ANTA Group.

One of the most promising options for investment in Bali is ANTA Residence Canggu, the premium apartment hotel. The investment project is being implemented by developer ANTA Group, which has been creating properties all over the world for more than 10 years.

ANTA Residence Canggu is a 5-star hotel complex offering a wide range of infrastructure. It is located five minutes from the Indian Ocean.

“We have come to the Bali real estate market with a unique concept that is yet to emerge on the market,” says Anton Taranenko, the company's founder, “We use Balinese style accents in our architectural design, such as a roof in the shape of perfect surfing waves and a jungle park right on the roof. Our goal is to plant 10,000 tropical plants on the territory of the complex. This is our way of contributing to the preservation of the island's nature”.

The ANTA Residence Canggu project was launched in early 2023, and the construction began in November 2023. The project’s completion is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2025.

The complex will include 113 apartments, and its living area will be 4,052 m². You will be able to enjoy a walk in the jungle on the rooftop of the aparthotel, go to the gym, swim in the tropical infinity pool overlooking the ocean, and attend a surf school. If you need to work while traveling, you will be able to do it in a coworking space. In addition, the complex will provide an opportunity to relax in a spa or have a snack at a world-class restaurant or coffee shop. A children’s space with babysitters will be arranged specially for families with children. The complex will have a rooftop event hall for various events, concerts and parties. It will accommodate 500 people and be unparalleled in Canggu.

Visualization: ANTA Residence Canggu (Canggu, Bali).

"Our hotel will become not just a place to live, but a genuine point of attraction on the island. The services and infrastructure gathered in one place make our complex distinctive among others and will not leave our visitors indifferent. Guests of ANTA Residence Canggu will definitely want to come back here," says Anton.

The complex will provide guests with bikes for rent, which they can ride around the island. Bikes are part of the units' equipment, so investors will receive additional income from their lease. In addition, guests will be provided with a personal transfer option around the complex by golf cart.

The property includes 5 types of apartments ranging from 38 m². The price starts from 144, 900 U.S. dollars. In this project, the investor will receive passive income, because the international hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group (it manages 28 properties) will be engaged in maintaining and leasing apartments.

So Bali is not only about natural beauty and picturesque landscapes, but also about great investment potential. Rapid economic development, continuous growth of the tourism sector and infrastructure improvement make this region particularly attractive to foreign investors.

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