Business tourism is the type of tourism that even quarantine could not defeat, since business trips are inevitable. Perhaps some companies have reduced the number of business trips, but to completely cancel them means to suspend certain business processes. Accordingly, the demand for business hotels that can provide all the necessary infrastructure for important negotiations remains active.

The concept of business hotels is one of the main ones on the market of hotel services, this can be explained by the current demand for accommodation. So, business trips make up more than 50% of all in the world. Trips for recreation or treatment – about 40%, and 10% of the total demand for other purposes.

Business hotels are located in all major cities of the countries. Especially many of them are located in major economic centers: New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Shanghai, etc.

Features of a business hotel

Business hotels are facilities located in the central or business districts of cities. Business people who are the target audience of such hotels value their time, so when choosing a hotel, they are guided by its location. Business class hotels offer professional business services, from shuttle services to conference rooms. Business hotels also provide services such as mail delivery, organization of business events on request, translation, lawyer, etc., booking tickets for any type of transport, as well as currency exchange and car rental.

As for the internal components, such facilities should be equipped with modern office equipment, as well as Wi-Fi coverage. The introduction of any technical innovations in the hotel will undoubtedly be a plus and can play a decisive role in choosing this particular hotel.

For the quality guest service business hotels must comply with certain rules:

In addition to the rules above, the hotel, depending on the star rating, must adhere to the certification requirements. We wrote about them earlier.

Business hotels and Сorona crisis

НThe quarantine affected the hotel industry in general. Thus, the occupancy of many hotels in Ukraine has fallen, especially in non-tourist cities. The number of foreign visitors decreased significantly, but domestic tourism took place, especially in the summer. The main tourist destination was Odessa.

However, hoteliers understand that in the context of a pandemic, their facilities need changes – the format that will attract guests even in quarantine. This also applies to business hotels, because now, when many prefer online meetings, the demand for conference rooms and accommodation in such hotels has decreased. So, some business hotels are thinking about creating something in common between a hotel room and an office. In a space like that you can comfortably live, work and sleep. And some even revised their target audience and began to give some of their rooms for long-term rent. This is in demand among IT professionals and those who work remotely.

The Ukrainian experience in the business hotels

Under the management of the company Ribas Hotels Group are few business hotels in Odessa:

We know everything about designing, implementing and managing a business hotel. Ribas Hotels Group provides management, marketing, consulting and other services in the hotel industry. For a professional approach, please contact Ribas Hotels Group!

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