The success of a hotel today largely depends on its design project, which should take into account a number of factors, including the ratio of the number of rooms, public spaces, and technical premises. We will tell you how to design a hotel so that it is presentable and attractive for guests in this article.

First of all, when preparing the property, it should be taken into account that hotels of each category have their own specifics:

Stages of creating a hotel design project

Both when developing a mini-hotel design and a standard hotel, the stages of work on a design project do not differ. The process includes:

Defining the hotel concept

Work on the design project of the hotel begins with the design of the technical task. At this stage, the target audience of the hotel is being studied, as well as the nuances of designing all areas of the object, the functionality and needs for its provision are described in detail. As a rule, the terms of reference are developed by the hotel operator who will manage the hotel.

Design of all rooms

Next, a planning solution is being created based on the technical task. This stage also includes the development of effective ergonomics. This is when you perform:

"The most important thing to consider at this stage is the ratio of the number of rooms, public spaces, and technical premises. A successful design project begins with a competent hotel layout," - the architect shared.

The interior of each hotel must be complete, that is, designed in the same style. At the same time, the hall should be given the greatest amount of attention, since it has a responsible mission – to create the first impression of the hotel among guests.

After the lobby, you should think about the design of the rooms. It is not necessary that all of them should be identical in decoration and furniture. It is only important that their interior belongs to the same style.

Furniture certainly plays an important role in design. Incorrect selection and placement can significantly affect the hotel sales. You should pay attention to the ergonomics of the selected furniture, it is better to give preference to multifunctional items.

Also, you should not forget about lighting. When choosing lighting devices, you should be guided, first of all, by the economy. So, LED lighting is a good option. Also, to save money, you should develop a rational layout of lamps.

After the work is completed, the designers create a 3D visualization that allows the customer to study the interior and exterior of the hotel in detail.


Preparation of working documentation

The final stage is the preparation of all necessary documentation. It should be noted that the development of a hotel design project can be handled by both a designer and a project Manager specializing in the development of HoReCa concepts. In the case of a redesign, the papers are transferred directly to the Studio, which will continue working with the project.

Story of the Bortoli hotel design project in an unusual building


Design is an important aspect, the quality of it affects the successful operation of each hotel. For such work, you need to choose professionals, because the construction process and the success of the subsequent work of the hotel will depend on the competence of the designers.

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