On 19 June 2023, Ribas Hotels Group, the Ukrainian national hotel operator, and international developer ANTA Group successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of partnership business activities on the system and standardisation of hotel business and management of Anta Residence Canggu apartments.

This is a premium apartment complex located in the tourist area of Changgu on the island of Bali, 7 minutes from the ocean. It offers a unique infrastructure: a rooftop jungle, a tropical pool overlooking the ocean, a children's room, a coffee shop from a global brand, underground parking, coworking, and a private golf cart transfer to and from the beach.

The net annual return is from 20%. The cost of apartments starts from $120,000.

According to the agreement, the international developer ANTA Group assumes the following obligations in the project:

Ribas Hotels Group makes the following commitments to the project:

ANTA Group is an international developer that has been operating in the real estate market for over 10 years. The company's main focus is the design and construction of high-quality business and premium class housing around the world.

Ribas Hotels Group has been operating in the market since 2014. Ribas Hotels Group has 28 properties under integrated management and exclusive booking. Six of them were designed and built by the company. These are city, beach and ski hotels. The operator's total room capacity is over 1000 rooms.

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