Creating a technical task for the interior design of the hotel is a complex work of the customer and the designer. In the TOR (terms of reference), all the nuances of the future interior are prescribed, based on which the designer has the opportunity to create the product that the client needs.

It is important that at the time of drawing up the TOR, the hotel owner should describe the desired interior in as much detail as possible, so that the designer clearly understands his task. The written material should also be accompanied by photos of the space at the start of work.

In General, the designer creates a technical task base based on:

Next, the designer creates a measurement of the space, meets with the customer to agree on all the points and generally clarify all the nuances, signs the TOR and accepts it into work.

Example of a technical task

The format of the provided data can be different – photos of the room with captions, text descriptions, charts. However, the TOR for a design project must contain the following information:

Legal side

It should be noted that the terms of reference is a legal document that is attached to the main contract for creating a design project. If the customer makes a claim to the work of the interior designer, subject to the fulfillment of the following points, you can refer to the TOR. Namely, if:

The terms of reference are legally binding only if all these points are met. So, the designer has the opportunity to defend their rights in court, based on the TOR.

Working on the technical task for the interior design of the hotel is a crucial stage. Its development is quite complex, since it involves discussing all the details and clarifying the subtleties before starting work. However, it is not difficult with professionals, because they know how to find an approach to the client and create a quality product! Ribas Hotels Group provides a full cycle of work: from the development of a design project to the author's supervision during its implementation.

Creation of a hotel design project with Ribas Hotels Group. More details follow the link.

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