The hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group begins the development of a network of apartment hotels by Ribas by franchising in partnership with developers.

According to the new program, we will transfer all our technical standards and design projects to developers, accompany their design and construction departments, and strengthen the marketing and sales department.

Thus, under the terms of the partnership, after commissioning, the apart-hotel will be transferred to the management of Ribas Hotels Group. The sale of apartments is carried out during the construction of the facility. The profitability from the operating activities of apart-hotels is estimated at 8-20% per annum. The high rate of return on investment is caused by the efficient use of space and optimization of unit equipment costs.

In addition, a flexible system of accommodation pricing will be provided in the facilities under our management, which will help to increase their occupancy.

The first object of the WOL sub-brand, which will be further implemented under the franchise, will open in Odessa in February 2022.

According to our plan, next year the network will be replenished with two more apartment hotels in Odessa and Lviv. In total, we plan to create ten investment projects of apartment hotels in various regions of Ukraine.