On December 27, 2022, the UKRAINIAN SPECIAL BUILDING AWARDS IBUILD 2022, was held in Kyiv, within which the best representatives of the construction industry were honored, who survived the market, hold the economic and construction fronts, and also support the defenders of Ukraine.

Our WOL home + hotel concept received an award in the Profitable Real Estate Concept: Apartment Hotel 2022 category.

WOL home + hotel is an apart-hotel format where a guest can rent a room for a period of several days to a month or more. Its feature is the service provided by the national hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group.

Equipped rooms, a restaurant, a lobby, a co-working space, a gym and a terrace allow guests to enjoy their time in the complex without leaving it, and also form the desire to return again and again.

Photo: apart-hotel WOL.121 (Odesa)

Separate units are sold to investors in order to receive income from 10-14% per annum. The management company is responsible for the return on investment. And for the quality of construction - the developer implementing the project. A successful concept provides a guaranteed return on investor's funds and the development of the hotel business in Ukraine.

Visualization: apart-hotel WOL.GREEN Polyana (Transcarpathian region, Polyana village)

We have already opened one object of this format - WOL.121 (Odessa). Another one is under implementation - WOL.GREEN Polyana (Transcarpathian region, Polyana village), however, sales of apartments in the hotel oblect are already open.

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