In the United States, approximately 44% of doctors’ sons choose medical specialties and 28% of lawyers' sons choose law. In our country, such studies have not been conducted, but few people can be surprised by the dynasties of doctors or lawyers in several generations. In such families, a teenager is a direct successor of the profession or family business and rarely chooses another professional path. We add that there are more than 52 thousand professions in the world, and an ordinary student can list only 30-40 of them. This is due to the fact that students associate the profession with a school subject or hear about certain specialties from their parents.

A fairly common problem in the context of choosing a future profession is that modern school children are lost in the variety of specialties. And the main reasons for entering higher educational institutions of technical direction, graduates named the desire to avoid military service-33%; prestige of the University-32%, interest in the profession — 31%.

From the global perspective, students noted the desire for high earnings — 34%; the desire to become independent is almost the same — 30%. And 29% plan to work because they like the specialty.

This situation results in further bleak statistics. According to the resource data 58% of University graduates do not work in their specialty or day.

In this regard, the issue of vocational guidance for schoolchildren is acute. However, just listing their specialties and their pros and cons is not enough for them to make an informed choice of profession. It is necessary not only to clearly show the work processes, but also to give them a "touch".

Ribas Hotels Group regularly conducts excursions to the head office for schoolchildren of the city and children of employees of the chain. Department managers talk about the work of their departments and reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets of hotel operations. Guys and girls have the opportunity to go into departments that are hidden from the eyes of most people, and literally touch the technologies of working with guests, designing and promoting objects.