Hotel branding is more than just choosing a name, logo and value proposition. A brand is a philosophy of a property, which reflects the values ​​inherent in it. It expresses who you are, everything you believe in, and how you present yourself to guests. Also, the brand can be described as a set of images of perception in the imagination of the guest.

Social benefits

The brand helps a person to be part of a social group and thus express social benefits. Most people need to have their own social niche. It can be family, work team, friends and more. This social control point can influence a person's definition and which brands he or she prefers.

David Acker's book, 20 Principles of Success, provides an example of this: “Hyatt has renovated and refurbished its long-stay hotels for social benefits. The Hyatt House brand was focused on providing a social feel and experience. The hotel has added large foyers, barbecue facilities in the courtyards, advanced systems, pool tables and multifunctional playgrounds in the rooms, all to provide "hang-outs". In addition, breakfasts and "cocktail" hours have been improved to create more social opportunities".

It should be noted that social benefits appear when a community driven by a brand is formed around a person's lifestyle or values. For example, the book "20 Principles of Success" gives an example of Kraft cuisine. This brand has formed a community around the idea of ​​delicious healthy food that is easy to prepare. This gives a certain sense of belonging to a group that shares common interests. And the more people involved in the community, the stronger each participant will have a sense of belonging.

Another type of social benefit appears when a brand identifies or refers to a reference group in which an individual is identified and valued. At the same time, a person may not even be a part of it or take active actions in it, but he compares himself to it, and therefore the group becomes a part of his life. The above-mentioned book gives the following examples: “Those who drink Opus One wine can be close to connoisseurs of this wine, which ensures identity and belonging, even if they do not know anyone personally. Starbucks customers may say, "When I go to Starbucks, I become part of a closed coffee club and a true connoisseur of coffee shops, even if I don't talk to anyone." The reference group can be the desired environment.

How to create a brand that will be memorable?

Numerous factors contribute to the creation of memorable hotel branding and increase sales revenue. One of them is the connecting elements. Yes, the brand image of your hotel should be expressed in everything related to the object. It includes its name, logo, corporate font, music, advertising campaign, newsletters, social networking and more. Each element transmits an encrypted signal. If your hotel's branding is consistent and unique, more guests will learn about it.

Another important factor in creating a brand is the provision of WOW-service. Comprehensive customer service is the key to the hotel's success. Branded items often give guests branded cookies, candles, bottles of wine or sweets. For example, in Ribas Hotels Group, each guest is given a letter from Artur Lupashko, the founder of the chain. Also in the room for the guest waiting for pleasant surprises in the form of an inscription on the mirror with pleasant wishes or sweets. It is worth noting that hotels that show attention to customers recoup the cost of attracting them and build loyalty to the audience.

Advantages of hotel branding

We can say that every hotel just needs a brand, because it:

Why a franchise from Ribas Hotels Group?

The franchise from Ribas Hotels Group – is a reliable way to start a profitable business quickly. In this case, the company's experience works for you. We offer to use one of our brands or create an individual project for you.

In addition, this option is suitable for existing facilities. We will implement proven performance standards in the operating facility and increase its occupancy. The franchise from Ribas Hotels Group has a guaranteed profit.

What is included in the price of the lump sum:

Operational management of the Ribas Hotels Group hotel. More details follow the link.

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