Over the past few months, Ribas Hotels Group has been working hard to create new collaborations with well-known companies such as Ukrzaliznytsia, Megogo, and The Fitz bar. In an interview, Alesia Didenko, who led the PR support for these projects, spoke about the goals of such collaborations and details of their preparation.

Tell us about the role of collaborations in a company's PR strategy. Why are they important for companies? And tell us about the case of Ukrzaliznytsia.

I choose for collaboration only those brands that resonate with each other's values. At Ribas Hotels Group, the most important value is service. The company wants more people around the world to experience the quality of Ukrainian service. "Ukrzaliznytsia is a state-owned brand, and we are witnessing its rapid transformation. Many travelers have appreciated how cozy most trains in the country are becoming. New tourist destinations, an expanded menu in the cars, and a convenient mobile application are just a few of the positive changes in the company that have made traveling with Ukrzaliznytsia even more enjoyable.

Tell us about the process of this collaboration. Who was the initiator? How long did the negotiations last?

I was the initiator, because my task at Ribas Hotels Group was to develop partnerships with well-known brands. The company has chosen a goal for the next two years - to become a lovemark brand, which Ukrzaliznytsia already is. The negotiations were quick, because I know my colleagues from this company from my time at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, where I was the head of communications for the Diia project. We implemented a number of activities with them back then.

Explain the essence of this collaboration. What are its main goals? Have they been achieved so far?

The essence of the collaboration is the opportunity for Ukrainians to receive a 10% discount on a stay at Ribas Hotels in exchange for 2000 hugs. They can be received when traveling with Ukrzaliznytsia. Passengers are awarded points for each trip, which can then be exchanged for a number of offers in the Iron Friends section of the app. Among them is the offer from Ribas Hotels, which is valid until June 30, 2024. Also on Hugs Day, we offered users to exchange their hugs for a stay at Graal Resort with a -20 percent discount. The promo codes were sold out in a matter of hours. The Ribas Hotels Group hotel chain received new guests, and Ukrzaliznytsia gained satisfied app users.

How did this collaboration affect the status and reputation of Ribas Hotels Group?

We are very pleased with the cooperation. For Ribas Hotels Group, it is about expanding the audience and sharing it with Ukrzaliznytsia. We are seeing an increase in new guests and even more new social media subscribers. "Ukrzaliznytsia, for its part, offers us new joint activities to attract even more passengers to its new app, who will be able to receive pleasant promotional offers.

You have also recently realized a collaboration with Megogo. Tell us how the process of this collaboration went. Who was the initiator?

It's not really a collaboration, but a partnership. Megogo's PR director Valeria Tolochnaya and I have known each other for a long time, so the decision to cooperate was a joint one. She organized the Megogo Music Awards and offered Ribas Hotels Group to become the main partner of the event. And it was definitely a win-win.

Together we came up with gifts for the participants and details of the advertising campaign. At the event, we met the award winners, who were given the opportunity to relax at Ribas Hotels. The main prize from us was a donation of UAH 200,000 to the fund of the winner of the Best Creative Fee award. It was awarded to the famous comedian Vasyl Baidak. He used the money to buy a drone for our military. "As a business, it is important for Ribas Hotels Group to be socially responsible in a difficult time for the country. We were happy to help the guys and girls at the front once again.

What about the collaboration with The Fitz bar in Odesa? How did you come up with this idea and what are the main goals of this campaign?

Our company has a long-standing friendship with The Fitz, so we decided to invite them to share their mixology expertise at our hotels. So, from now on, guests will have the opportunity to try 13 new cocktails from The Fitz from a special menu called "Dive in. For the first time. Among the Mountains" at Ribas Karpaty and DIDUKH Eco-Hotel & SPA. In January and February, the top bartender of The Fitz will personally meet guests at the hotel bar to prepare exclusive drinks. It is also possible to order them directly to the room.

The goal is simple. We have teamed up with The Fitz bar to make our guests in Bukovel enjoy their stay even more.

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