The new video with the interview of Andrey Shatyrko, CEO and Founder of Shatyrko Agency, given to Halina Cheredniuk, the CHE PR-team leader, was released on the Ribs Rooms channel. In this issue they had a talk about the relevance of promotion in YouTube and TikTok, the work with bloggers and the need of using these channels to promote hotels.

Also the video contains Andrey Shatyrko’s strategy of maintaining channels for hotel business. The expert gave recommendations for who wants to understand what to start in YouTube and TikTok with. Having a well-formed strategy of maintaining channels one can get not only loyalty of subscribers but new clients for a project.

New video:

In the next issues of the Ribs Rooms project you will see the hotel overview of Wall Street, Odessa, and Edem Resort Medical & SPA, Strilky (Lviv region), besides the exclusive interview with Alexey Voloshyn, general manager of Edem Resort Medical & SPA. Don't miss it!

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