Ribas Hotels Group will launch a mobile application "Ribas Investor" as part of the franchise development programme of the aparthotel chain by Ribas. It will allow the investors of our projects to track all investment data in their smartphone.

We hand over our technical standards and design projects of WOL Home+Hotel by Ribas apart-hotels and income houses to the development companies, accompany their design and construction departments, and support the marketing and sales department. Once commissioned, the properties will be managed by Ribas Hotels Group.

In such projects, the hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group is involved in concept definition and business planning, architectural and design project development, renovation and fit-out for a fixed amount. We create the overall PR and marketing campaigns, take responsibility for the declared profitability, and handle the management of the complex.

Why does a depositor need the Ribas Investor app?

The Ribas Investor platform will allow you to manage your property portfolio effortlessly. Each investor will easily be able to receive data about the purchased room.

In Ribas Investor will be displayed:

In addition, the application will have a prompt customer care service. In the chat mode we will answer all questions and provide additional information.

Ribas Hotels Group has extensive experience in the hotel property market. It co-operates (management, franchising and booking) with 25 hotel and restaurant properties. The total room stock of the chain is more than 1000 rooms in eight cities and resort locations of Ukraine.

WOL Home+Hotel by Ribas projects offers investors favourable conditions for receiving income from the price per room or a percentage of operating profit. Thus, investors transfer material responsibility for their property to the hotel operator. A separate value is created by the fact that by entering the project, the investor has access to the loyalty programme of the Ribas Hotels chain.

The first apart-hotel of the WOL sub-brand, which will be further realised under the franchise, will open in Odessa in February 2022. In addition, two more apart-hotels will be commissioned next year - in Odessa and Lviv. In total, we plan to create ten apart-hotel investment projects in different regions of Ukraine.

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