Discussion of tourism problems in the region was the main topic at the event organized by the management company Ribas Hotels Group and the Union of Ukrainian entrepreneurs (SUP).

This series of meetings is aimed at the common goal of both organizations, which is to unite business and government to solve current problems in the region in the field of tourism and recreation. As well as the creation of a platform that is able to transform long-standing competition in productive dialogue and cooperation.

About 25 representatives of the region's tourism industry gathered in the conference hall of the Wall Street Hotel. The event was moderated by the founder of Advance Management Platform Nikolay Latushkin. During the meeting with hoteliers and representatives of top management of hotel facilities, the regional representative of SUP in Odessa Alexander Sokolov, CEO of Ribas Hotels Group Artur Lupashko, President of the National tourism organization of Ukraine Ivan Liptuga, managing partner at the law firm "Lepeshka and partners" Vitaly Palyanichko communicated.

Traditionally, meetings devoted to tourism topics recall the experience of Lviv as an example of high-quality strategic rebranding of the city, which in a relatively short period of time has become a powerful tourist center. We drew a parallel with the Odessa region. Identified the main current problems and talked about solutions

The subject of discussion was also the visa-free system, which, oddly enough, gave an impetus to the development of domestic tourism, revealing the difficulties in the service component of the hotel business. Among the priority topics were: construction of a new runway, organization of European-style concert and exhibition platforms, strengthening event marketing of the city and the region's brand as a whole, development of gastronomy and much more.

The organizers plan to continue the practice of holding such events in order to monitor positive changes and develop new development concepts.