As early as in June, the MANDRA MORION cottage town will be opened in the village of Mikulichin, Ivano-Frankivsk region. This is a new project managed by the Ribas Hotels Group. The cottage complex was developed by MBA DEVELOPMENT.

MANDRA MORION is a true oasis of peace in a mountain valley over 900 meters high, where everyone can find something for themselves. The cottage town offers not only comfort and privacy, but also an unrivaled view that will enchant guests at any time of year.

“For me, MANDRA MORION is first of all harmonious architecture, where you don't even feel that you live in a house, but rather as if you are secluded among nature. It is tranquility, beauty and admiration, time for yourself,” says Maksim Bratko, co-founder of MBA DEVELOPMENT.

The cottage town has a great location, from where you can get to Bukovel resort in 25 minutes and to the Tatarov-Bukovel railway station in 15 minutes by car.

There are 20 cozy two-bed cottages with terraces and panoramic views. Each of them is equipped with every necessary thing for a comfortable stay. In addition, the complex also houses a restaurant, swimming pool, parking, vats, view swings, and barbecue areas.

Book a cottage at MANDRA MORION and get immersed in adventure and an unforgettable vacation experience!

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