An important stage in developing the hotel concept is the correct choice of hotel interior design. If you are currently thinking about what style to choose for your future hotel, we suggest you consider 4 style options in the hotel interior that are popular among guests around the world.


This style is associated with nature, simplicity, because its details are somewhat reminiscent of rural life. The philosophy of this direction of interiors is the pursuit of roots and the observation of beauty in familiar things.

As for the decor elements, the country style in hotels is pictured by light shades of the interior (terracotta, brown, beige, blue, white, light green, gray, yellow), fresh colors and, often, a fireplace. As a rule, in such hotels, the floor covering is made of parquet, laminate or tile. A long-pile carpet is also available.

Advantages of Country style:

Creates a cozy and warm environment, especially in small spaces with low ceilings.

Disadvantages of Country style:

Bad combination with all the modern appliances.

The country style was used in hotels: Sophia Country Club (Valbonne, France), Casolare Le Terre Rosse (San Gimignano, Italy), Errigal Country House Hotel (Coothill, Ireland), etc.

4stiles Contry


The Scandinavian style is also simple and functional at the same time. It is known all over the world for its coziness and comfort.

The main color in this style is white, complemented only by light shades, as well as graphic lines. When decorating hotels, it involves the use of natural materials (wood, leather, ceramics, cotton, linen, etc.). Also, its main highlight is the presence of a large table made of solid wood.

Interior designers especially love it, so it is often found in hotels of various categories around the world.

Advantages of choosing a Scandinavian style:

Disadvantages Scandinavian style:

Scandinavian-style hotels: Bergen Børs Hotel (Bergen, Norway), Arctic TreeHouse Hotel (Rovaniemi, Finland), Tramuntana Hotel (kadakes, Spain), etc.

4stiles Scand

Art Deco

The art Deco style is characterized by combining the past and the future. Everything comes from its history. It appeared after the First world war, when people wanted to return to normal life and at the same time develop new technologies to improve its flow.

The art Deco style of hotel decoration includes materials such as wood, stainless steel, smooth stone/ceramic tiles, and leather. It is also characterized by gloss, table polishing, which is now performed in a modern style. The interior uses zigzags (when laying ceramic tiles) and trapezoids (on the backs of chairs).

Advantages of choosing Art Deco style:

Disadvantages of Art Deco style:

Art Deco style was used in the Wall Street Hotel (Odessa, Ukraine), Fairmont Peace Hotel (Shanghai, China), Art Deco Imperial Hotel (Prague, Czech Republic), Waldorf Astoria New York (New York, USA), etc.

4stiles wallstreet

Eclectic or mixed style of the hotel interior

This style contains elements that may be inherent in different styles. At the same time, they all look harmoniously with each other. When choosing this style, you will dive into a unique design and you will have a field for experiments.

But it should be noted that eclecticism in the interior does not tolerate an excessive number of decorative items and furniture of various styles, since all this makes the space heavier and uncomfortable.

The advantages of the mixed style:

Disadvantages of Eclectic style:

This style is mainly used in hotels of the Ribas Hotels Group.

4stiles badroom

The interior design of the hotel certainly affects its further occupancy. However, to correctly determine the style, you should take into account the location of the hotel, its target audience and the allocated budget. Professional management companies that manage the facility from its beginning to its commissioning always take these factors into account. Entrusting all processes to one team is often a more profitable and correct decision, since it controls them and is responsible for maintaining the quality and timing on each stage of development.

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